Wes Matchmakers with Dating Tips for 2014

Portland matchmaking service, Portland Singles, review helpful tips on how to make your first date go smoothly.

First dates can be nerve-wracking for everyone, and they can even make the most experienced dater nervous.  Daters are known for becoming, shy, silent, and even making mistakes they can not take back, eliminating theie chances of landing a second date.  Today, the professional matchmakers from Portland Singles Dating Service will review some helpful pointers to help local daters put their best foot forward and make the best impression they can.

couple on sexy date night Wes Matchmakers with Dating Tips for 2014

Portland Matchmakers 1st Date Do’s:

1. Always Show Up on Time: The last thing you want to do on your fisrst date is make a bad impression by arriving late.  Tardiness shows your date you don’t care.  Even worse, the person you’re going out with might not stick around to wait for you.

2. Do Make Them Feel Comfortable: Everyone is on edge during a firszt date, especially when meeting someone new.  You should try to put yoru date at ease by making them feel relaxed.

3. Do Show Interest in Them: The worst thing you can do is show up to a first date with someone new and sit there all night without paying attention or worse, making them feel they’re eating dinner alone.  Don’t make yourself easy to forget.

4. Do Laugh When They Tell You a Joke: Even if you’ve heard the joke many times before or it isn’t the best joke ever, laughing along with them is a great way to show your interest.

5. Do Keep the Conversation Flowing: That dreaded silence that happens on first dates can leave you and your date scrambling for anything to talk about.  Awkward silences can make people feel like they’re boring, but remember a few helpful conversation topics to get you out of this type of situation.  Practice them before the date begins and you’ll be much better atq keeping the conversation alive.

6. Do Take Interest in Them: Listen when they’re teling you a story, be interested in what they’re telling you, and show interest in them by asking them questions.

7. Do Go Somewhere Fun: First dates don’t have to be the played out dinner and a movie.  You will make a much better impression on them if you get creative, explains Portland matchmakers.

8. Do Show Your Confidence: Confidence says a lot about who you are.  Being confident will help you get through your first date with ease and help your date feel comfoertable around you.

9. Do Always Be Yourself: You won’t fool anyone by pretending to act like someone you’re not.  If you want to develop a serious relationship with this person, the real you will eventually come out, so you might as well start it off with the real you—flaws and all.

10. Do Be Safe: Take your cell phone with you if you’re meeting someone new, let a close friend know who you’re going to meet, where you’ll be, and hwen you’re expected back.

Portland Matchmakers 1st Date Don’ts:

1. Don’t Ever Show Up Late: First impressions mean everything on a first date, and if you show up late, it will make your date think you don’t care, that you’re lazy, and that you’re not interested in them.

2. Don’t Revolve the Conversation Around Yourself: There is nothing more of a turn off than a person who constantly talks about thesmevlves.  The last thing you want to be is vain.

3. Don’t Talk about Exes or Past Relationships: Your new date does not want to hear about your exes or why the relationship did not work out.  Concentrate on getting to know this new person and see if you can score yourself a second date.

4. Don’t Eat with Your Mouth Open: Eating with your mouth open is gross.  Your date is there to see you and get to know you.  You want to put your best foot forward and show them you’re an adult with good manners.

5. Don’t Ask Them Too Many Personal Questions: Remember that you’re out ona  first date and youd ont’ want to aks them too many personal questions yet.  If you like each other and agree to go on a second date, there will plenty of opportunities to ask them more personal questions down the road.

6. Don’t Try to Be Someone You’re Not: So maybe he likes football but you’re nto into it, or maybe she likes cats and you’re a dog person.  Pretending to be someone you’re not is a huge turn off and it will eventually be discovered.  Find a partner who wants you for the real you, not the pretend version of you.

couple date 2 Wes Matchmakers with Dating Tips for 2014

7. Don’t Forget to Thank Them for the Date: This is not only a great way to display your manners, but it’s also a great way to end it if you’re not interested in them or ask them for a second date if you are, explains Portland matchmakers.

8. Don’t Get Too Ahead of Yourself: During your first date, you don’t want to get too ahead of yourself.  Stay clear of talking about a serious relationship, the name of your future children, or marriage.

9. Don’t Try to Get Intimate: If you try to get sex on a first date, it will show your date what you’re really after.  If you’re a man, it shows that you’re a jerk, and if you’re a woman, it shows that you’re easy.  Both of these things are unattractive.  Get to know someone fisrzt before you ever bring sex into the picture.

10. Don’t Get Intoxicated: As much as you think a few drinks can help you ease your nerves, think about how bad you’re going to feel when you say or do something that you would not normally do.  This will show your new love interest that you cannot control yourself and you do not know your limits.  Getting drunk will lower your inhibitions, which is likely to make you do something you will regret.  Portland matchmakers encourage you to keep it to a one or two drink minimum.

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