Portland Singles Dating Service Reviews How to Move on After Your Divorce

Premiere matchmaking service in Portland, Portland Singles, reveals 10 insightful tips to handle and heal from a devastating divorce.

They say that one out of two marriages will fail, and this means many people will be alone, lost, and overwhelmed trying to get their life back in order.  Sometimes, well-meaning friends will tell you that the best way to get over your divorce is to get back in the dating scene again and start dating new people.  At first glance, this might sound like the best answer but here at Portland Singles Dating Service, we now it isn’t.

The weeks and months following your divorce require healing and time to reflect.  During this time, you will get to know yourself again.  Many times, there are children in the picture who have suffered the loss of a parent and the unity of their family, and helping them cope with the situation will be your number one priority.  There are many things you can do to help yourself handle the pain you might feel from your divorce, but you need to grieve first before you ever decide to start dating again.

mature1 Portland Singles Dating Service Reviews How to Move on After Your Divorce

Today, our dating and relationship experts here at Portland Singles Dating Service will share with you some helpful tips that will help you grieve and move on from your divorce.

1. Make plans to see your family and best friends more often.  These are the people who went to see you at your wedding and they will feel the loss you’re feeling as well.  These are also the people who want to see you do best in life and believe in you.  Right now, their support is what you need to help you become a stronger person.

2. Weekends will be difficult.  In the beginning, you need to plan to do things every weekend to keep yourself occupied.  If you spend your weekends alone, you’ll be more likely to feel down and out and this will only hold you back from completely healing from your divorce.

3. If possible, try to get away for a small trip, even if it’s just for a few days.  Sometimes, just getting away helps us realize that our relationship was just a small part of our lives and that things in our lives will keep on moving, regardless of whether you have a partner or not.  When you travel to a different place, new experiences will distract you from your old environment and bring a new sense of hope into your life.

4. When a marriage ends, it is common for many people to start consuming alcohol, eat too much (or not enough), or engage in unhealthy activities that will make them feel more anger or sadness.  Our dating and relationship experts here at Portland Singles want you to focus on your health.  Make that doctor’s appointment you were neglecting and start working out regularly.

5. Start journaling so you can get in touch with your inner-self.  It is surprising how many people carry baggage from their old relationships to their new ones.  This often occurs because the blame was placed on the ex-partner instead of looking at the whole picture.  If you are able to write everything down, you will see where your limited thinking might have contributed to the end of your relationship.  This will help you become a stronger and more confident person.

6. Write a letter to your ex-spouse, one where you totally pour your heart out.  Don’t worry, the key to this letter is not send it them, it’s for your eyes only.

7. Get a complete makeover.  When a marriage fails, it’s easy to become your own worst critic and start criticizing everything about yourself; your face, your hair, your body, clothing, everything bothers you.  Nothing can make a woman feel better than getting her hair and makeup done, so go ahead and book that spa appointment.  We know men appreciate the flattery of looking their best too, so pampering does a lot of good for both genders.

8. Take a new class as it will help improve your life in many different aspects.  If classes are not your thing, then maybe joining a support group will be best for you.  This will give you something new to focus on and it also allows you to continue improving yourself.  You can take dance lessons, cooking classes, or even take a self-improvement course.

mature Portland Singles Dating Service Reviews How to Move on After Your Divorce

9. Explore something new, something you love.  In every marriage, there are bound to be things people want to do but don’t have time to.  If that was the case for you, then now is the perfect time to do them.

10. Our dating and relationship experts here at Portland Singles Dating Service encourage you to try meditation as it will help you in different aspects of your life, but especially when healing from a divorce.  Taking time to meditate will help you release any stress you have.  It doesn’t matter if you do it at church or at home, it will help you out.  The importance of blocking out quiet time to sit still and focus on calming your breath will cure your body and your mind in no time.

Divorce usually doesn’t just happen; they take a long time to form until they eventually tear the family apart.  And it’s during that time it’s forming that it’s leaving insecurities, sadness, and anger, broken hearts and hatred behind.  Working to try to figure out what happened, and your part in it, will help you move forward into a brighter future.  Your future relationships and the emotional well-being of your children depend on your ability to move past your devastating divorce.  Only once you’re able to complete everything our dating and relationship experts here at Portland Singles have mentioned, you will be able to finally start dating again.

Once you’re completely healed an ready to welcome into your life again, contact our matchmaking professionals here at Portland Singles Dating Service and let us give you the guidance and encouragement you need to achieve success in your romantic life.

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Portland Matchmakers Unmask 12 Relationship Turn Offs

You ever wonder why some relationships don’t last?  Today, our Portland matchmakers here at Portland Singles Dating Service will unmask the top relationship turn offs that can make couples part ways.

You might think that you’re in a happy relationship, but do you get disappointed by the way your partner behaves from time to time?  Sometimes, even the most perfect partners can subconsciously behave in a way or say certain things that can hurt their partners.  Is it something that happens rarely?  Is it something you can overlook?  Now, what if it happens all the time?  Relationships don’t always fall apart because one partner cheats on the other.  Sometimes, relationships fall apart and couples drift apart because of disappointments and resentments.

Portland Matchmakers Unmask Relationship Turn Offs

Every time you put up with something your partner does to hurt you, you’re only digging a hole in your relationship.  Remember, if your partner does love you, they should not be doing anything to hurt you to begin with.  Sometimes, your partner might do a few subconscious things or say things without realizing it and that’s understandable.  You don’t always have to confront your partner about it or yell at the top of your lungs; sometimes all it takes is a little nudge to help them realize they have made a mistake.

Relationship Turn Offs that Can Destroy a Relationship

Here are the top turn offs that you need to keep an eye for.  If you are committing any of these turn offs, even if it’s subconsciously, it probably means you need to do some soul searching and ask for forgiveness from your partner.  On the other hand, if you notice your partner is the one committing these turn offs, then rather than putting up with it, you need to sit down with them and talk about it.  After all, silence isn’t going to help you and it’s not going to help your partner realize they’re doing something wrong either.

Are you ready to figure out what the top turn offs in a relationship?

f Portland Matchmakers Unmask 12 Relationship Turn Offs

1. Insecurities & Jealousy

Does your partner make you feel insecure by giving someone else their undivided attention?  Do they flirt or talk to someone else while in your presence?  Insecurities and jealousy are two of the biggest ego destroyers, but that’s not all they can destroy.  They can destroy your relationship as well.

2. Bad Mouthing

Insulting a partner or their family is so common nowadays that almost all couples indulge in it from time to time.  However, there is a huge difference between pointing out someone’s flaws and blatantly insulting them.  Wouldn’t you agree? We hope so.

3. Boundary Problems

Do you give your partner the right amount of space they need when they ask you for it?  Our Portland matchmakers know that not understanding when to give space in the relationship can create many problems.  Don’t always feel like you need to be involved in your partner’s life; give them some space when they need it, just as you need yours.

4. Holding Out on Intimacy

This is something that happens in many relationships when couples get into a fight.  They pretend like everything is fine yet they withhold intimacy from their partner.  If you are doing something like this to your partner, then it’s obvious you feel like you have the right to avoid sex, but are you avoiding sex because you don’t feel like having it or are you doing it to punish your partner?  Isn’t it much better to talk to your partner about why you’re upset instead of withholding sex from them just so you can hurt them?

5. Lack of Compromises

You don’t like compromising for your partner, and even when you do try compromising, you do it with a disgruntled expression on your face.  But the weird thing is, you expect your partner to always compromise for you, no matter what it is.  Sound familiar?

6. You Ignore Their Opinion

You never take your partner’s advice.  If you give someone else’s opinion more importance than that of your partner, our Portland matchmakers know you are not only hurting your partner, but you’re hurting your relationship as well.  Doing this shows that you have no respect for your partner, and it might even say you think less of them.

7. Not Listening

Do you listen to your partner when they’re talking to you or are you only focused when it’s your time to speak?  Do you always ask, “What did you just say?” every time you and your partner are talking to each other?  Bad listening habits in a relationship will definitely infuriate your partner and make them feel like you’re neglecting them.  And eventually, this turn off will push them away.

8. Bad Ego Boosts

Have you ever given someone a compliment right in front of your partner’s eyes while completing ignoring giving your partner a compliment on the same thing?  Putting your partner down, especially in front of someone else, just so you can give yourself an ego boost could cost you your relationship.

9. Silent Treatments

Don’t ever ignore your partner or give them the silent treatment.  If you decide to give your partner the cold shoulder, you are only hurting yourself because they will stop being truthful with you in fear of the consequences.

10. Being Pushy

Don’t constantly force your partner to try doing things your way.  It might seem petty to you, but your constant pushiness might force your partner to become rebellious and do things that can actually hurt you.

d8e4fd8ff91326425a0bba439b78a3d73ff1 Portland Matchmakers Unmask 12 Relationship Turn Offs

11. Anger Problems

One of the biggest relationship turn offs is when you turn all your anger and rage against your partner, even when they have done nothing wrong.  You might be pissed off at the world but you decide to take it out on your partner instead.  Although you might be giggling to yourself as you sit there thinking of past times you’ve done this, realize it’s not okay to lash out at someone who has done nothing wrong.

12. Letting Yourself Go

Okay, so you hooked yourself a nice partner and you are in a serious relationship.  You’re all happy and giddy and life is perfect, but now that you’re in a stable relationship you have let yourself go.  Maybe you gained a bit of weight and have started dressing pretty drab.  Or maybe you’ve gotten lazy around the house or always opt for takeout instead of cooking meals at home, but whatever the case may be, don’t take your partner for granted and expect them to always be there because you’re in love.  Make a conscious effort to continue looking good and taking care of yourself and your responsibilities.

If you’re currently single and looking to meet relationship-ready dates, contact our matchmaking professionals at Portland Singles Dating Service today!

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Portland Matchmaking Team Explains What to Look for in a Man before Dating Him

What makes a man a perfect partner?  Today, our Portland matchmaking team here at Portland Singles Dating Service will review some helpful ways to evaluate the man you’re dating to find out if he is boyfriend material or if you should throw him back.

Every woman out there is unique, and what you expect from a man to be happy in a relationship will be completely different than the woman next to you.  And just like that, relationships are also unique, so what works for one woman doesn’t necessarily work for all.  Instead of taking pointers from your close friends and coworkers, sometimes the easiest way to know if a man is right for you is to test the compatibility and figure out if he meets your expectations.

date4 Portland Matchmaking Team Explains What to Look for in a Man before Dating Him

Compatibility Is Essential & Must Look for It

How do you test compatibility with a man?  How can you tell he will be perfect for a long term relationship?  A man might seem perfect for you, even your family might like him, but does that mean he is perfect for a long term relationship?  There are certain cues every man gives away, and these cues will help you judge him and see if he is boyfriend material.  Compatibility isn’t precise, it’s unique and you can only test it yourself.  What you see as arrogance, another woman may view as confidence, and what you believe is coy, another woman may see as low self-esteem.  But don’t worry, if you don’t want to get hurt in your relationship, try to get to know the man first.  This will help you form an opinion about him, but more importantly, it will help you run a compatibility test.

Things You Must Look for in a Man before You Date Him

There are certain flaws a man has that are not excusable.  But at the same time, there are a few things that might not seem like a big deal to you, but over time, those things can end up sabotaging your relationship.  If you like a man and you just started dating him, keep an eye for these things and make sure both of you are compatible.  Even just one of these that is missing could end up causing a lot of stress and tension or even costing you your relationship down the road.

His Level of Commitment

Is this man serious about dating you or is he only looking for a summer fling?  There are many men out there who refuse to stay single because they cannot handle loneliness, but at the same time, they’re terrified of getting involved in something serious.  If you are dating a man, you need to make sure he isn’t afraid of getting involved in something serious, something committed.  Our Portland matchmaking team encourages you to take time getting to know him and carefully watch his behavior.  If you don’t feel like you are becoming an important part of his life, then chances are, it’s because you’re not.

His Level of Arrogance

Arrogance is subjective, but it’s still something you need to watch out for.  There is a thin line between being confident at what you do and being arrogant about it.  If you believe the man you’re dating is very confident, then that’s great, but if his behavior comes across as arrogant, then this is not the right man to date.

His Level of Respect for You

A great man to date will treat you like his queen, and not just arm candy.  A man who respects you will try hard to impress you all the time.  He will dress up for you, he will take you out, and he will be chivalrous around you.  On the other hand, if he does not respect you, he’ll behave like a slob around you.

His Social Life

One of the subtle things to look for in a man is his social life.  Does he have a large circle of friends or is he a loner?  A man who is a loner might not be the best find, because he usually this means he is antisocial.

How Much He Pursues You

Just how eager is this man to date you?  Does he try to win you over or is he taking the easy way out?  If a man truly likes you and is interested in a relationship, he will do whatever it takes to make you happy and woo you all the time.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve already gone out on dates with him, if this man likes you, he will continue to try to impress you.  So if a man doesn’t try to do this, it’s because he’s not impressed with you.

mature1 Portland Matchmaking Team Explains What to Look for in a Man before Dating Him

He’s Not Secretive

This might seem shocking to you, but there are many men out there who lead double lives.  He might be dating someone else or even be involved in another relationship, all while dating you at the same time.  Make sure the man you’re dating isn’t leading a secret life.  Our Portland matchmaking team wants you to watch out for things like this: Does he avoid taking you to local restaurants?  Does he seem nervous when out in public with you? Does he always insist on leaving instead of spending the night?  If a man has nothing to hide, he will have no problem taking you out in public and spending the night with you.

He Is Romantic with You

This might not be important to you right now, but at some point, it will be, especially when one of your friends starts dating a man who is extremely romantic.  Does this man woo you and serenade you or does he believe romantic gestures are only for Hollywood movies?  Our Portland matchmaking team wants you to date a man who is comfortable being romantic.

All the things our matchmakers revealed above are things you must look for in a man before you date him.  Keep an eye for these things and make sure your man meets all of them, because if you don’t, you might end up regretting it years from now.

If you’re struggling to meet mature, professional men in Portland, contact our matchmakers at Portland Singles Dating Service and let us do the hard work.  Our matchmakers will introduce you to quality singles who are serious about dating and settling down.

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Portland, Oregon Matchmakers Bring You Signs Your Date Is Too Cheap

Today, a trusted local dating and matchmaking service, Portland Singles, will review if your man is being smart with money or simply a cheapskate.

Money is a very sticky topic when it comes to dating.  And actually, it can be one of the many reasons couples break up.  While flashy shows or overspending might indicate someone is foolish when it comes to money, a date who keeps his wallet on lockdown can also be an indication of a red flag for the future together.  Either way, he’s going to give you a preview of how he will treat you for the next few years.

So how can you tell if your date is just keeping an eye on his finances or if he is being a scrooge?  Look for these tell-tale signs from Portland matchmakers at Portland Singles Dating Service.  The way a man handles his money can be a big stressor in a relationship in the future.

penny Portland, Oregon Matchmakers Bring You Signs Your Date Is Too Cheap

1. He Only Asks You on Coffee Dates

Coffee dates are great and they can actually be some of the most efficient dates out there, but if he only asks you for a coffee date and can’t invest more than a dollar or two, it might be time to start questioning how much he values your company.  Nothing screams out, “I’m keeping our dates casual (and cheap),” like repetitive coffee dates.  He needs to be able to come up with more date ideas, not just a place he invests a dollar to get a quick caffeine fix.

2. He Wants to Split All Entrees

Splitting an entrée or appetizer can be romantic, but if that’s the main dish, no way!  If he only wants to split an appetizer, it can be a sign of further things to come in your relationship.  He might be looking to split more things with you; split his time, his energy, and even the gas bill.  Be aware of this behavior.

3. He Thinks You Will Always Split the Bill

There is nothing worse for a woman than when a man invites them out on a first date and starts talking about women’s equality right before the date ends and the bill arrives.  Yes, in this modern world Portland matchmakers know women are very capable of fending for themselves, but the general rule of dating is that if a man asks her out, he should pay.  Of course you should always do the purse reach when the check arrives or offer to leave the tip, but if you are dating a cheapskate, he will make you dig a little deeper.

4. He Uses Coupons on All Dates

There is no doubt that dating can be pricey and there are a lot of good deals out there, but during a first date it is crucial to leave a good first impression.  Everyone can agree that discount coupons are great if you want to do some grocery shopping, but if you’re thinking about using them while out on a first date, that’s a big no-no.  Save those coupons for when you are seriously dating and want to go out for frozen yogurt on a Sunday afternoon.  Talking about or using coupons on a first date can be as annoying as talking about an ex.  When you are already with someone for many months or years, it’s okay to save a few dollars together, and it can actually be kind of fun.

5. He Doesn’t Buy You Drinks When You Go Out

Unless he suffers from an alcohol addiction, in which case it’s great he’s staying on the wagon, this one can be a very quick indication of a cheapskate.  A cheapskate already knows that alcoholic drinks quickly add up and they will be very unwilling to invest in a couple drinks while you’re out.

6. He Tells You He Already Ate a Big Meal at Home

If you know you’re going out to eat, why on earth would you eat a huge meal beforehand?  If he has asked you out on a date, shouldn’t he share the same experience with you?  You can eat alone any time, but sharing lunch or dinner with someone is very special.  Leaving you to be the only one who eats at the restaurant is a good indication that you have a cheapskate on your hands.

f1 Portland, Oregon Matchmakers Bring You Signs Your Date Is Too Cheap

7. He Always Find Something Wrong to Get a Discount

The last thing you want to do is date a man who is always asking to get the manager for something.  This is the type of man who will nickel and dime his way through his whole life, and Portland matchmakers know that is not likely the type of man you want to settle down with.  If your date has cheapskate tendencies, he might also have some other unattractive ones as well.  When someone is always trying to get something discounted when they really don’t deserve it, it can be a huge red flag that you’re dealing with someone who always feel entitled.

8. He Never Tips Enough

The way a man tips at the end of a meal is a great way of knowing how he handles his money.  If he doesn’t tip well at the end of a first date, then his first impression will go down the drain, and very quickly if you’re like most women who believe in tipping well.  Even if the service was bad, he should have at least left something for the server, especially so you don’t feel like you need to be the one to sneak a better tip when he’s not looking.  The truth is, if a man cannot afford to tip the waiter, he should not be going out to eat in the first place, right?

9. He Takes You on Free Dates

Many modern women like dating social men, the ones that know promoters and get them into posh restaurants and clubs for no cost, and that is great.  However, if the man you’re dating only takes you out on a free dates, then he is a cheapskate.  Beware of men who are not willing to invest money on you.

10. He Always Forgets His Wallet

Forgetting a wallet at home can be a mistake any man can make; however, if every time the two of you go out to eat he somehow forgets his wallet, then it’s not because he’s careless, it’s because he’s a cheapskate.  If your date can’t remember to show up with money, then get rid of him.  A truly genuine man would never do this to a lady.

If you’re looking to meet successful, mature men in the Portland area, contact Portland matchmakers at Portland Singles today.  Let them start introducing you to quality men who fit your dating criteria.

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Bull Mountain Matchmakers – 6 Biggest Myths about Elder Singles

Dating & Matchmaking service in Portland, Portland Singles, reveals the 6 biggest myths about singles over 50.

Let’s say you’re checking someone out who might be your next date, maybe a friend of yours has sent you a link to their personal Facebook page and you have agreed to go on a date with them, or perhaps you were matched through a professional Portland matchmaking service.  You’re digging their pictures, you have a smile on your face, they’re even a non-smoker like you requested, but all the sudden you notice your potential partner in their 50’s has never been married. Suddenly, all that excitement you had has completely sunken to the bottom of the pool and now you’re suspicious.

Let’s face it, everyone has certain stereotypes about people who are older and have never been married.  If your potential love interest has never been married, it’s clear they have some anger problems or maybe they are cat hoarders, right?  Wrong! If you let those kind of assumptions guide your dating route, then you might be missing out on a perfect partner. Your first step on the road to a perfect relationship should be debunking this myth you have about unmarried people, regardless if they’re a man or woman.  Today, Bull Mountain matchmakers from Portland Singles Dating Service are here to help you do that.

mature Bull Mountain Matchmakers – 6 Biggest Myths about Elder Singles

Top Myths about Men Who Have Never Been Married

1. He Is a Jerk

Well, yes, maybe this could be true, but there are plenty of men out there who have never been married before and have the ideal characteristics you desire in a perfect partner.  At Portland Singles Dating Service, the matchmakers see a lot of men like this, men who have never been married before, but are truly great catches.  Don’t go into the dating world with this type of assumption that all men who have never been married before are jerks—you could be missing out on a lot of amazing guys.

2. He Has to Be a Player

Just because a man has never been married before doesn’t mean he spends every night looking for another notch on his belt.  This stereotype was made up by women in order to gain control over their dating experience.  Their emotional safety is at risk, and this type of stereotype becomes a tool for women to determine whether or not a man is okay to date.  And for many women, if they have ever known a man in his 50’s who was never married and is a player, this gives their assumption much further evidence.  Bull Mountain matchmakers encourage you never to fall into this type of thinking.

3. He Has to Have Commitment Issues

In this case, it’s the exact opposite.  Perhaps he was trying to get settled down in his early years, but his ex-girlfriend decided she was not up for it when he got down on his knee and proposed.  Everyone has had a bad partner at some point in their lives and there is no reason to punish the guy simply because his last relationship didn’t work out.

4. He Doesn’t Want Children

Kids might have been on this man’s radar ten years ago, but people’s priorities change the older they get.  So now that he is older and financially secure after working for many years of his life, maybe he no longer wants to raise a family.  Instead of making this type of assumption, your best bet is to come out and ask him.

5. He Isn’t Husband Material

Maybe he’s not, or maybe he is, but the whole point of dating is to try out one another and see how you fit into each other’s lives, explains Bull Mountain matchmakers.  Finding out if someone is interested in getting married is actually one of the few things you should talk about with them.  This will give you a clear indication if you’re both headed for the same path.  If this person doesn’t want to get married, then you might be setting yourself up for disappointment in the end, but don’t make that assumption without asking first.

Top Myths about Women Who Have Never Been Married

1. She Must Be Very Difficult to Handle

This word can refer to anything from a woman who is hard to please, to a woman who simply has her own ideas and isn’t willing to compromise for anything.

If any man would like to get over this type of stereotype, he must be willing to go into it with an open-mind. “That difficultly that you might have found in her might actually be something that is perfect for you.”

2. She Has to Be Desperate

Just because she has never been married in the past doesn’t mean she will accept a ring from just anyone at this age, explains Bull Mountain matchmakers.  Maybe she’s been working her way up the career ladder, taking care of an elderly relative until now, or maybe she never felt a sense of urgency to have children.  Don’t go into this situation thinking she will fall for you right away.  This woman might end up dumping you before the waitress even brings you your dessert.

3. She Has to Be Extremely Picky

We all have the right to select the perfect partner that is ideal for us, and it’s possible that partner has not crossed her path yet, explains Bull Mountain matchmakers.  Resisting the temptation to just marry anyone for the sake of getting married should be applauded and not put down.

mature1 Bull Mountain Matchmakers – 6 Biggest Myths about Elder Singles

4. She Doesn’t Know How to Handle a Relationship

Just because she’s never been married doesn’t mean she has never been in a committed relationship.  There is no reason to assume that because a woman hasn’t had a ring on her finger she won’t be able to handle a long term partner.  People like to pay attention to what confirms their stereotypical beliefs and ignore anything that contradicts it, explains Bull Mountain matchmakers, but instead of looking at the fact that she has never been married, look for other signs that she might be the type of woman who would like to be in a serious relationship.

6. She’s Already Married to Her Career

Nowadays, you can’t blame anyone for working extra hours at work; after all, it might be the only way to ensure a job the following month, but the truth is, women can and have juggled their careers and relationships.  And, hey, if you can manage to handle both, she can too!

If you’re struggling to meet mature singles in Portland, contact Portland Singles Dating Service and let them introduce you to quality singles who are looking for the same thing out of dating as you are.  What are you waiting for, don’t waste another day!


Portland Dating Service Reviews the Ultimate Dating Advice for Seniors

Today, the most trusted dating service in Portland, Portland Singles, will review the ultimate dating guide for seniors looking for love.

Here is a dilemma that many senior singles face when dating.  Society tells them that at their age, the opportunities of finding love have come and gone, and many have even bought into that lie.  But that’s not fair and Portland dating experts encourage you not to buy into it.  You’re never too old to find love!  After all, a part of you still feels adventurous, regardless of the age on your driver’s license.  Deep down you know you deserve love and you realize age is just a number.  If that’s the case, congratulations!  Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you’re doing it because you want to find love again.  If you disregard all the negative things about how difficult it is for seniors to date and find love, and you maintain a positive mindset, you will be successful on your quest of finding love again.

Today, the professional team of dating experts from Portland Singles will review some helpful tips to help you on your quest of finding love.

date 1 Portland Dating Service Reviews the Ultimate Dating Advice for Seniors

You Are Your Only Critic

Many senior singles who are re-entering the dating world are left pondering the same questions.  Will someone find me attractive at this age?  Am I too old to date again?  However, the Portland dating experts from Portland Singles encourage you to ask yourself this question.  Do you feel like you deserve love?  Do you deserve happiness and companionship? The answer is probably yes.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter how old you are, you will always be able to find love, companionship, and a lifetime partner.  Let go of any negative voices and stigma and listen to your inner voice. You are worthy of a relationship and someone out there will find you special, you just have to allow yourself to find them.

Date When You Are Ready

Finding someone to date can be very challenging if you have experienced a divorce or the death of a long term partner, and you need to understand there is no rush to date.  Go easy on yourself and work through those issues fully.  Then, when you’re ready to date again and you’re feeling excited to get out there and take that plunge, you will be more successful in the dating world.

Remember, You Are Great

Everyone faces moments of self-doubt and feeling like we’re unworthy of someone’s love, and this is true at any age.  Portland dating experts from Portland Singles encourage you to dig deep and find confidence in yourself.  Write down a few things that you feel proud of about yourself.  It could be anything from your great cooking skills, your ability to carry on great conversation, or little things your friends appreciate about you.  Look at this list often and remind yourself you are a great catch.

Explore Something New

Is there something out there you always wanted to try?  Well, now is the perfect time to do it.  Start a senior exercise regimen, a new hobby, or take up a fun and interesting new class.  A fresh challenge is not only fun, but Portland dating experts know it’s a great way to challenge yourself and build up your confidence once again.

Look for Someone with Similar Interests

No matter what it is you like doing, from reading, hiking, enjoying fine wine, playing bingo, or going on trips to the movies, there is someone out there who will enjoy doing the same things as you.

A great way to find people who are compatible to you is by hiring a professional matchmaking service.  If you are having a hard time finding someone on your own, telling a matchmaker what it is you want in a partner will speed up the process.  Chances are, you’ll find someone in a reasonable amount of time, and you won’t have to do the stressful searching on your own.  With the help of a trusted matchmaker by your side, you’ll find someone who shares the same interests and goals as you, which can be very difficult to do on your own.

Be Friendly to Everyone

If you are actively looking for a partner, don’t hide yourself away.  Whether you’re picking up your groceries or waiting for a taxi, always be friendly to strangers.  If starting a conversation with a stranger is too much for you, you can just give them a smile.  If you’re still feeling uneasy, start by being friendly and chatty with the cashier at the grocery store, the bank teller, or even the gas station attendant.  Once you get used to be friendly, it’s easy and you never know where things will go.

Don’t Act Your Age

After being told for a lifetime that you need to be serious and responsible, it can be difficult to remember one important rule of dating (the most important rule of dating), to have fun.  Think back to your younger years, who had the most dates?  Was it those people with long sad faces who were always serious or was it the most playful ones who knew how to have a good time?  It’s true, many dating rules have changed over the years, but a few that will never go out of style are laughter, spontaneity, and just having fun altogether.

break up Portland Dating Service Reviews the Ultimate Dating Advice for Seniors

Be Present

Younger people rarely dwell on their past because they don’t have much of one to regret.  If you are a senior single who is ready to date again after many years of being a in a relationship, you’ve probably overcome many painful obstacles.  Perhaps you survived the death of a spouse, maybe you survived a very difficult divorce and aren’t able to trust, but Portland dating experts from Portland Singles encourage you not to wear those experiences on your sleeve, because not everyone you meet will be the same as your ex.

Always Look Your Best

This is less about wearing your Sunday outfit for church, but something you feel comfortable with.  Knowing you look good will give you the extra shot of confidence you will surely need to get the attention of potential partners.

Keep Your Expectations at Bay

Look at everyone you meet as an opportunity to connect with someone new.  Remember that not everyone you meet will be cut out to be your lifelong partner, so you are certainly going to have to get out there and go on different dates before you meet the right one.  The key here is to just get out there and enjoy the journey.

If you’re struggling to meet single seniors on your own, contact the Portland dating experts at Portland Singles today and let them be the guiding light on your journey to finding love!

Lake Oswego Matchmakers – The Problems of Having a Type When Dating

Professional matchmakers in Lake Oswego, Portland Singles, review the downsides of having a type and why it could be stopping many Portland women from finding Mr. Right.

Of course it seems obvious to anyone looking at it from the outside, the less men you’re open to dating, the less chances there are of finding an ideal partner—the longer you’ll remain single and lonely.  But in their 25 years of experience in the Portland dating and matchmaking industry, the team of matchmakers at Portland Singles have seen many strong and capable women unable to find true love.  And they are the ones who usually say, “All the good men are taken.”  Ironically, it happens to be the same type of women who hang onto that type they will date—and will not stray from otherwise.

While it’s essential and important to know exactly what you want out of a partner, setting guidelines which are too strict for men to fit could actually be preventing you from finding Mr. Right and could be the reason you’re single and sitting here reading this blog today.  If you know or think this might be your problem, don’t worry because professional Lake Oswego matchmakers from Portland Singles will review why having a type is detrimental to finding love—and they’ll provide you with some helpful tips so you can open up, step out of your box and let go of that type so you too can find love soon.

pic 5 Lake Oswego Matchmakers – The Problems of Having a Type When Dating

Start Doing the Math

It was mentioned earlier, but we’ll mention it again… Having a type will greatly limit your chances of finding love.  Whether you classify your type using physical characteristics, certain personality traits or an affiliation to a certain political background, ruling out all men means you will have less fish in your sea—less chances to find love.

This might not sound quite right to you (when you think there are plenty of men out there), but unfortunately, you are eliminating plenty of quality men on sometimes arbitrary things.  Having standards is essential when dating, but keeping them simple is essential too, explains Lake Oswego matchmakers.  Make a list of essential qualities you want in a partner, but be honest with yourself and cross off anything that seems superficial or too demanding.  You’ll find that by eliminating all the superficial things you’ll be open to a whole new world of dating experiences and finding love.

Have You Grown Up at All?

The external factors of having a type are the main cause of why you’re single.  It’s pretty obvious, but you might also be doing it for some internal reasons.  If you are constantly dating the same type of men, there is no way you’re growing positively when it comes to relationships.

Dating might be aggravating to you, and sometimes it might even seem fruitless and pointless, but no matter how many failed relationships you’ve been involved in and experienced in the past, you should always learn something from them so you can become better in your next relationship, explains Lake Oswego matchmakers.

If you are constantly dating the same type of man with the same traits and characteristics, you’re not making the most out of your dating life.  It’s like going shopping for the same pair of shoes your whole life—black shoes, no straps, stiletto heel, no designs—no differences—no excitement. Make it a point to try a little something different by stepping outside your comfort zone when it comes to dating.  This will help you become a better dater—and in doing so, your love life will also grow in a positive and more fulfilling way.

Is Having a Type Working for You?

Think about this, if you’re sick and tired of being single, it sounds like the type of man you have is not working out for you.  It is possible that whatever quality it is that draws you to this type of man is not the quality you should be looking for in a potential partner.  Or, it could be that what you’re looking for in a partner, no good quality man can give you.  You should try broadening your horizons by dating someone who isn’t necessarily taller than you, but has a great sense of humor.  Or try going out with a guy who doesn’t party on the weekends if that’s what you normally used to go for—you get the idea here.  This is not to say that the next different guy you decide to date will be the one, but it’s something worth trying—and unless you give it a shot, you will never know if it works, explains Lake Oswego matchmakers.  What do you have to lose?  Nothing you have done so far has worked out, right?

You Must Have Started Out Somewhere

Think long and hard about where this type of man you go for originated.  Are you looking for someone that duplicates your ex-husband?  Did your preferences start out earlier when you were melting for the jock in high school, the one you never got?  The point is, your type had to develop somewhere, so it is possible there are other qualities you want in a partner but you just don’t know them yet because you don’t give men a chance (because you’re too fixated with your type), explains Lake Oswego matchmakers.

Guess what?  There’s only one way you can find out, and that is by dating other men. Challenge yourself to go out on dates with men you normally would not go out with (as long as they’re not jerks).  Even if you’re single after a while, you’ll be surprised how much your tastes will change in that amount of time, in that time you dared yourself to step out of your comfort zone.  The more practice you have dating men that you would normally not go for, the more broadened your dating life will become—and sooner or later, before you know it, the right man will come walking into your life.

Are you ready to meet quality men in Portland?  Are you sick and tired of being single and lonely?  The Lake Oswego matchmakers from Portland Singles Dating Service can help you meet quality men today.  The matchmaking team at Portland Singles will get to know you on a one-to-one basis and only introduce you to quality men who fit your dating criteria.

Matchmakers in Portland Oregon │ Creating Lasting Connections

Portland matchmakers from Portland Singles Dating Service review major things you must know before tying the knot.

Tying the knot is one of the most exciting and important steps in your life, and while you might be 100% ready, there are definitely some things you need to know before you walk down the aisle and commit to your partner for a lifetime.  These very important things can impact your relationship in the long term, so if you are hearing wedding bells in the background, before you make it official, local Portland matchmakers have a few things you need to know before taking the plunge.

Will Children Be in the Picture?

You can’t predict the future in regards to having children, but you need to know whether or not your fiancé is on board about having children.  Some men don’t want to have children and would prefer if the relationship stays between two people, while other men want a house full of babies.  You need to make sure you two are on the same page when it comes to children or you both may be in for a surprise in the future, explains Portland matchmakers.

ring Matchmakers in Portland Oregon │ Creating Lasting Connections

Will Divorce Be an Option?

Everyone has different views in regards to divorce; some are okay with it, where others are completely against it would prefer to work things out with a professional counselor.  Knowing exactly where your man stands in regards to divorce is crucial before you tie the knot.  If you hit a bad patch in your relationship, you need to know whether or not you have an exit plan.

Who Will Handle the Bills?

Once both of you get married you’ll have joint bills; therefore, you must decide who will be the one in charge of them.  Things can get confusing when too many people handle the finances—things can get lost, mixed up, and end up being late.  At the same time, you must ensure the bills are always paid on time each month.  You should know whether or not the two of you will share a bank account as well as who will be the one in charge of keeping the finances in check.

Is There More Than Just a Physical Connection?

Everyone knows that after a couple gets married their sex life may start going down the drain.  If this was to happen to your relationship you need to make sure there is something more than just physical connection.  When your schedules are different or the two of you had a stressful week, you’ll want to know that just because you’re not intimate it’s not going to ruin the relationship.

Will There Be a Prenup?

Celebrity couples do it, so why not follow their trend, right?  Well, maybe not.  Some people insist a prenup is something all marriages should have, while on the other hand, there are those who don’t believe in it.  This one is a matter of personal choice and is totally up to the two of you.

What Happens When You Purchase a House?

In your head you might believe the minute you buy a house your name will appear on the deed; however, that’s not something you should easily assume.  Ask your partner whether or not both names will appear on the deed and don’t just make assumptions.

Will Passwords Be Shared?

Everyone knows this is the age of social networking, but are you okay with your soon to be husband having all his social media accounts password protected?  When some couples get married, they assume all the passwords will come out in the open, but that’s not always the case.  Determine whether or not having private social media pages will create problems in your marriage.

What Happens If Your Man Watches Adult Films?

Everyone knows that men are visual creatures, even when they’re married and in relationships.  And, yes, he will most likely watch adult videos.  For some women, this can be a huge relationship deal breaker.  Make sure you voice your opinion on this matter.  If you hate that your man watches this type of video, you need to let him know—and if he continues, he might have some underlying problems.

ring1 Matchmakers in Portland Oregon │ Creating Lasting Connections

How Much Will You Spend Time Apart from Each Other?

Even married couples like to hold onto their single lifestyle sometimes—people still want to go out by themselves and grab a drink with friends.  Though getting blasted with your girlfriends might not be in the picture anymore, you should still be able to go out with your girlfriends.  Portland matchmakers encourage you to make sure your partner is okay with you going out without him by your side all the time.

How Much Will You Share with Each Other’s Families?

Regardless how close each of you are with your families, you need to figure out how much information you’re willing to share.  You and your partner need to be on the same page when it comes to sharing information, explains Portland matchmakers.  You don’t want to share certain things if your man wants to keep them private.  This can be a huge stressor for many marriages.

What about Religious Beliefs?

Religion plays a huge part of life and it’s possible that your man has different religious beliefs and values than you.  You need to make sure you understand what religion he belongs to or if he doesn’t follow one at all.  Many people celebrate certain religious holidays and expect their partners to do the same.  Religion will also be a very important part of raising children, reminds Portland matchmakers.

What Happens If Your In-Laws Must Crash in?

Your parents and his are bound to get older, so you need to make sure you have a talk with your partner in case your parents or his need to move in at some point.  Would you be willing to open your house for them?  Not agreeing could easily turn into a huge fight, possibly a split, explains Portland matchmakers.

What Does Marriage Mean?

Not everyone views marriage in the same light.  For some people, it’s only a piece of paper, while others view it as a money drainer.  For those who are deeply into relationships and believe in true love and commitment, they see it as a huge step into the future.  You need to be sure what marriage means to you and your partner—and make sure you’re both on the same page.  You never want to force or pressure your partner into marriage either.  It should be something both of you believe in and truly desire.

If you’re currently single but looking for a long lasting and meaningful relationship, contact Portland Singles Dating Service to set up a consultation.  Let the dating professionals transform your love life into something you always dreamed of.


Portland Dating Service │ Personalized Matchmaking for OR Singles

Portland dating experts from Portland Singles review a few helpful signs to know your man is about to leave you.

Is your man blowing you hot and cold?  Is he acting completely different?  Are you worried about his behaviors?  Today, the professional Portland dating team from Portland Singles Dating Service will review a few insightful signs to help you out.

When you get together with a man, you never want to think about the day he will break your heart and leave you, but recently you’ve been getting some vibes that your man is not behaving the same.  Is he acting differently?  Does he have new girlfriends?  Is he ready to leave you?  Wow, your mind is going crazy right now.  You don’t know what to think or how to behave and there is absolutely no way you can come out and ask him if this is all true.  Don’t worry, the professional dating staff from Portland Singles has a few signs you can keep an eye for to let you know your man is on the verge of breaking up with you. Read on and take notes.

breakup1 Portland Dating Service │ Personalized Matchmaking for OR Singles

He Makes Up All Types of Excuses Not to Spend Time with You

Before you jump the gun and decide to break up with him before he breaks up with you, you need to take into consideration that if this is the only sign, then it might be because he needs his own space, explains Portland dating experts.  But if it’s something different like the two of you not spending any time together or if you call him and he never answers the phone or acts shady, maybe even checking out other women when you’re out, then it might be because he’s ready to break up with you.  Remember that sometimes if a man pulls away it might be because he needs some time to himself.  Just like you enjoy hanging out with your girlfriends and doing your own things, sometimes he needs time for himself as well.  But if it happens all the time, then a breakup might be in the horizons.

He Isn’t Lovey Dovey with You

Maybe the two of you are still having sex together but you notice he doesn’t show too much affection anymore—before, he had no problem holding you hand in public, giving you a kiss as you’re walking down the street, or even spilling his guts about how much he loves you.  If your man isn’t lovey dovey with you anymore, it could be because a breakup is brewing.  Not wanting to be close to you in public or in private is a sign he no longer wants to be in a relationship with you and is giving you subtle messages about it.

He Answers His Phone in Private

Before, he had no problem answering his calls in front of you, whether it was his boss, his mother, or even his close friends, but lately the phone has been ringing a lot and every time the phone rings, he leaves the room to speak to whoever is calling him.  When you ask him who called, he tells you it’s related to work.  Secretive phone calls, lots of messages on WhatsApp and Facebook chats are not good signs—this is an indication something is going on and he’s planning on leaving you, but it can also be something worse, like him having an affair, explains Portland dating experts—otherwise, why would he have to answer the phone in private?

private Portland Dating Service │ Personalized Matchmaking for OR Singles

He Is Too Busy to Be with You

Excuse after excuse, he knows them all—late work meetings, birthday get togethers, sick cat, you name it… He can tell you all of them.  All of the sudden he’s really busy, and when you ask one of his co-workers about why he’s so busy they don’t seem to know why.  Warning bells should be ringing right about now because this means he doesn’t want to spend time with you—this might be his cowardly way of breaking things off with you, explains Portland dating experts.

The Calls No Longer Come In

He used to call you three to four times a day, he would even call you at night and check in with you to see how your day was, but nowadays he’s not picking up his phone at all, and you’re constantly finding yourself being the one making the calls.  Of course he has not lost his phone, and that would be a ridiculous excuse because there are plenty of other ways he can contact you.  If your man has gone underground all the sudden, to the point you don’t hear from him in a few days, it is because he’s trying to quit in the relationship.

He Is Putting Work before Anything

Men can be pretty clueless when it comes to breaking up with their partners—if the man knows a relationship is going down south, he might do whatever it takes to make you want to be the one to leave the relationship.  One way of doing this is when he doesn’t need to be at work, he chooses to go in voluntarily and put in more hours there instead of spending time with you.  If you notice your man is acting weird when it comes to work, you can already guess your relationship is in trouble.

breakup Portland Dating Service │ Personalized Matchmaking for OR Singles

He Doesn’t Invite You to Hang Out with the Guys

When you and your man first started dating, he was eager to introduce you to his circle of friends.  His friends hit it off with you and you were always invited to their events—their nights out on the town are still going on, the only difference is, he doesn’t invite you to go along.  You’ll notice he prefers to have more guys’ nights out instead of inviting you.  This could be his way of disconnecting you from his social circle so he can break up with you, explains Portland dating experts.

As horrible as you might feel right now, you should always try to get to the root of the problem by talking to your man.  And if you can’t get through to him and he doesn’t seem to want to open up, then you have to ask yourself why you would want to continue dating him. 

If you’re tired of playing dating games and ready to find someone who is serious and committed to finding a life partner, contact Portland Singles Dating Service to set up a consultation today.  The matchmaking team at Portland Singles will take time to get to know you and everything you’re looking for in a partner—and only introduce you to people who fit that criteria.  What are you waiting for?  Give them a call today. 

Portland Matchmaking │ Portland’s Best Matchmakers

Portland matchmaking agency, Portland Singles, explains a few things you don’t want to say if you want your breakup to go smoothly.

Breaking up is one of the most difficult things to do—regardless if you’re the one calling it quits or you’re the one being dumped.  During a break there are many emotions flying around, and with so many different feelings going on, you might find yourself saying something stupid or something you’ll later regret.  To make sure your breakup doesn’t go from bad to worse, Portland matchmaking experts from Portland Singles have a few things you always want to avoid saying.

breakup Portland Matchmaking │ Portland’s Best Matchmakers

It Wasn’t You, It Was Me

This one is one of the biggest lies when it comes to breakups, but so many people use it—not only is it cliché, but it’s very deceiving.  This phrase often comes off as being rehearsed and insincere, explains Portland matchmaking experts—you should avoid it at all costs.  If you ever cared for and loved your partner at some point during the relationship, then avoid saying this phrase because things will never end in a good way if you say it.

I Never Cared for You

These types of words will hit below the belt.  Even if you are experiencing a bad breakup, don’t go there.  When you tell someone you never cared for or loved them while breaking up, it’s likely you’re saying it because you feel hurt and are upset that your partner will now being your ex.  There is no need to continue with the drama and there is no point in lying to yourself because you did love your partner at one point.

Can We Continue Living Together?

If you are involved in a serious relationship it’s likely the two of you live together by now.  Once the two of you call it quits, there is no point in asking your ex if you can still live with them.  Not only would it cause more problems, but it’s not the best thing to do.  You shouldn’t want to live with the person you just broke up with or the one that dumped you—it’s not healthy, explains Portland matchmaking experts.  Move on, stay on your parent’s couch or crash at a friend’s place until you get a place on your own—anything but staying with an ex. 

I Love You but I Don’t Really Love You Love You

This phrase is very cliché, one that tends to pop up all the time during a breakup.  If you’re going to tell your partner you love them but are not really in love with them, be prepared to give a full explanation of what you mean.  Don’t blame your breakup on the lack of not being fully in love.

I Need My Own Space

Any time you bring this type of topic up during a breakup you’re going to have to make sure it is truly what you want.  During a breakup is never the time to say you need more space—saying this will only make you look unsure of what you want, explains Portland matchmaking experts.  It shows you’re a vague person or even confused about your life and want you want.

My Ex Was Better Than You

During a breakup is never the time to bring an ex into the picture.  If you’re breaking up due to an ex, then that’s a completely different story.  Instead of insulting your once partner or comparing them to someone from the past, keep calm and understand those words can be very hurtful.  Remember that you once cared about this person and you should keep it respectful with them, even during your breakup, explains Portland matchmaking experts.

Can We Continue to Be Friends?

There is nothing more insulting than breaking up with someone then immediately asking them to remain friends.  Right now, the person you have just dumped wants nothing to do with you—and by asking them to be friends with you you’re putting them in a very awkward situation.  Talk to them about a friendship when the wounds have healed, but not right now, explains Portland matchmaking experts.

break up Portland Matchmaking │ Portland’s Best Matchmakers

We’re Just Taking a Break

Now, the truth is, there is no real difference between taking a break and a full-blown breakup.  Some people think by taking a break the relationship will all the sudden become better, but that rarely happens, explains Portland matchmaking experts. 

You’ll Be Sorry Later On

When you are the one on the receiving end of the breakup you’re bound to feel very angry; however, one thing you don’t want to do is threaten your partner or talk about revenge.  Destructive and negative thoughts should be kept to yourself because once you’ve calmed down you’ll regret saying them. 

I Already Met Someone New

The fact that you already met someone new before breaking off your relationship means you are a cheater.  If you truly found a new person, then it’s best to keep that information to yourself—revealing this information will make the breakup harder for both people—especially for the one who is being dumped, explains Portland matchmaking experts.

I Think I Can Change Your Mind

When someone is about to call a relationship quits it’s likely they have given it plenty of thought and time before coming to that conclusion.  During the midst of a breakup it’s never a good idea to beg your ex and plead with them for another chance.  The decision has been made and there is nothing you can do about it.

Can We Remain Friends with Benefits?

As mentioned earlier, during the midst of a breakup it’s never wise to talk about remaining friends, especially friends with benefits.  For most people who were involved in a decent relationship, being friends with benefits is completely out of the equation.  While continuing to be intimate with your ex might be okay with you, it most likely won’t be ideal for them.  When a breakup occurs, everyone needs time to heal and be apart so having intimate time together is only going to prolong the healing process, explains Portland matchmaking experts.  It is best to cut all ties and communication until healed.

If you’re looking to meet like-minded people who are ready to settle down into something serious, contact Portland Singles to find out how they can help you.  They have successfully connected thousands of singles over the last 25 years, and they’re confident they can help you too!