Portland’s Elite Matchmaking Service Explains How to Stop Being That Annoying Couple

Portland’s best matchmakers reveal helpful advice to keep your relationship and social life healthy and happy.

Everyone has been involved in a relationship where we think everything is perfect, almost feels like Heaven and Earth.  You’re newly in love, have butterflies in your stomach, and all you can think about is your partner and your relationship.  However, we’ve all been on the other side of the coin—watching those close to us get touchy feelings for their new partner and confessing their love every chance they get.  Though this can be cute for a little while, after some time, things can become annoying and you might find yourself hating them (and love) altogether. 

Today, the Portland matchmaking experts from Portland Singles will review a few things you can do to ensure you never become that irritating couple nobody wants to be around.

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Don’t Use the Word “We” Too Much

It’s okay to say, “We went on a trip last weekend,” or, “We’re going to go out to eat tonight,” but using the word ‘we’ becomes a problem and grows annoying when you use it for every single thing you say.  Though it might be nice to say ‘we’ to recognize the fact you have a partner by your side, don’t lose focus that you’re a person of your own—you are still an ‘I.’

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Keep an Eye on Your Vocabulary

No one is asking you to completely eliminate the word “we” from your vocabulary, instead your friends hope that you can turn it down just a notch.  It’s completely acceptable to talk about your partner and yourself, but it’s not acceptable to talk about the two of you as though you have suddenly morphed into one individual person—that will become annoying very quickly, warns Portland matchmaking experts.

Don’t Assume Your Partner Was Invited

When friends ask you to go out with them and grab lunch or go watch a show, don’t automatically assume your partner was offered an invitation as well.  If you’re invited out to a party or a night downtown with a big group of people, then, yes, of course your partner can come along with you, but don’t bring your man if it’s a girls’ night out and don’t bring your woman if it’s a guys’ night in. 

Always Ask

If the invitation seems like something it will be okay for your partner to attend, it’s still recommended you ask your friend before making assumptions.  But before you ask your friend, take a step back and analyze the situation.  Does your partner really need to be there when you and your friend are hanging out?  Do they need to go along with you for a shopping spree?  Does your partner need to go along for a cigar session?  Portland matchmaking experts suggest you think twice before asking or assuming.

Don’t Always Cancel Plans

Your close friends understand you want to spend time with your partner on a Saturday night and eat a nice romantic dinner with them instead of going out to the bars, but as time goes on, it’s important you also spend time with your friends, especially the ones close to you.  Once you made plans to hit the spa or have a poker night, don’t cancel those plans; otherwise, you are going to be rude and it will make your friends think they’re not important anymore.  Portland matchmaking experts know many couples lose their friends this way.

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Always Stick to Your Plans

There is nothing better than sticking to the plans you made with your friends.  Your friends understand that now because you’re in a relationship you have less time to spend with them, but don’t use your relationship to cancel plans with your close friends. 

Don’t Forget about Your Single Friends

When you are involved with a partner it’s always nice to hang out with other people who are involved in a relationship—it’s especially great because you can go out on double dates.  However, you also have to remember you have single friends too, and just because your friends are single doesn’t mean they cannot hang out with you, reminds Portland matchmaking experts.

Make Time for Everyone Equally

Just because you’re in a relationship you should not stop hanging out with certain people in your life.  Of course you don’t want to hang out with a man who had a crush on you or a woman you dated in the past, but other than that, single friends can still be friends too and should never be tossed aside.  Don’t hesitate to invite your single friends out.  Single friends are just as good as friends as those who are in relationships.

Stop Talking about Your Relationship

Your friends could care less that it has been a week since you went out on a date, your friends also don’t care about all the flaws your partner has, nor do they want to hear everything that goes on behind closed doors.  Speaking of these random things will make your friends want to avoid you.  Talking about nothing but your relationship will get annoying quickly, warns Portland matchmaking experts. 

Talk about Different Things

When you are hanging out with your friends you need to talk about other things besides your relationship.  No matter how head over heels you are for your partner, there has to be other topics in your life you’re interested in talking about.  Talk about your job, your hobbies and interests, and ask your friends questions too, reminds Portland matchmaking experts.  Don’t let you relationship be the one and only topic of conversation, especially when you’re hanging out with your friends.

Don’t Displays PDAs All the Time

It’s fine to kiss your partner and hold their hand here and there, but when you’re hanging out with your friends they don’t want to see you kissing your partner every second of the day.  Though you might think it’s cute, your friends will think it’s annoying.

Save the Affection for Private Time

Again, it’s acceptable to kiss your partner in public, but there is a fine line between a quick kiss and making out and groping each other.  Save that for behind closed doors, suggests Portland matchmaking experts… Otherwise, you’re going to annoy your friends. 

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