Portland Matchmaking Service Reveals Reasons Why Men Don’t Approach You

Portland matchmaking service, Portland Singles, reveals helpful dating advice to achieve dating success in Portland.

You don’t think you’re stuck up, let alone intimidating, but somehow, someway, no man approaches you.  It might not be that men don’t find you attractive, but what it could be is that you’re putting off a certain vibe, kind of like, “don’t bother me.”

Today, the professional team of matchmakers at Portland Singles Matchmaking Service will review a few reasons men might be deciding not to approach you.

You Never Order a Drink

If you’re out at the bar and all you’re drinking is a glass of water (or worse nothing at all) while all your friends are spilling their margaritas, men will assume you’re planning a quick exit. 

The Portland matchmaking team knows that men will quickly assume you’re not in the mood to have fun, especially not in the mood to talk to someone new.  They might also suspect you’re the type who expects men to get them drinks, which will make them stay away from you as well.

couple date 2 Portland Matchmaking Service Reveals Reasons Why Men Don’t Approach You

You’re Constantly Looking at Your Phone

If your friends go dancing and leave you alone at the table, your face is immediately glued to your phone…  Sound familiar?  Probably.  But that sends every man in the bar the “I’m busy, get away from me” signal, explains the Portland matchmaking team.

You’re Not Dressed Right

If you’re out with your girlfriends in a place where everyone seems to be dressed up and you came to the place looking like a panhandler (you know… wearing track pants and a hoody), men will assume you don’t want to be there and your friends dragged you out by force… meaning you’re already in a negative mindset about the entire night and that’s not something they’re willing to go up against.

You’re with 24 Girls

It’s very difficult for a man to think you’re looking to meet single men if you’re circled by a few dozen women.  The Portland matchmaking team suggests if you want to meet single men it’s best you travel in small groups, three or four max.

You’re the Only One Sitting Down

This sends a clear message to everyone.  Everyone of your friends are standing—some are dancing, some are drinking, some are walking around and socializing— while you, lady, are sitting down with your behind plunked on the table.  This looks like you don’t want to be a part of the night, let alone socialize with a new single man.

You Order Several Plates of Food

It will be very difficult for men to make an approach if they think the moment they walk up to you you’ll have a mouthful of spaghetti.  And if you’re the only person eating while your friends are out drinking, then it looks like you’re just there to eat and make a quick exit, explains the Portland matchmaking team.

You’re Always Doing Something

You’re either carrying drinks to your friends, initiating karaoke, taking group photos, or talking to your friends.  If you can’t stand still for a few seconds, how in the world can a man approach you?

You’re Dancing Alone the Entire Night

Men try to come up to you to dance in a friendly manner and you give them a Hulk Hogan look.  You’re determined to have your own giant bubble of space on the dance floor and any man who comes near it will receive your look of death, maybe even a quick push—not good for other men who are watching.

You Don’t Make Eye Contact

If a man manages to catch your eye, you’ll immediately look away.  It could be that you’re shy, but to him, all this says is, “I want nothing to do with you.”

You’re More Interested in Your Drink

You’re at a bar alone, which at first tells everyone you’re approachable, but if your shoulders are hunched and your neck is hanging over your drink, that tells everyone at the bar you’re there to drink your depressions away, explains the Portland matchmaking team.  And guess what?  No man ever wants to be around a woman who is depressed.

couple on sexy date night Portland Matchmaking Service Reveals Reasons Why Men Don’t Approach You

You’re Already Flirting with Another Guy

You brought a male friend to the bar, but you did it to make everyone at the bar jealous.  News flash: Those men don’t know he’s not your boyfriend!  If there is another man in the picture, no one anywhere will approach you. 

You’re Making Fun of Other Men

Maybe you are known to be Miss Jokes, so in order to make your friends laugh you make fun of the first man that walks by.  You tease him about his style, his hair, and how he doesn’t match.  That doesn’t make you a fun woman that makes you a scary one.

You’re Rocking Flip-flops

Flip-flops are a huge flashing neon sign that reads, “Please, get me out of here.”  You don’t even respect the venue enough to wear nice shoes and this sends men a message that you would rather be at home watching TV in your pajamas.

You Have Brought a Laptop with You

If you have any type of activity with your laptop or iPad, men will believe you’re only at the place to do work, read a book, or view the news, but are not there to socialize with anyone.

You Have Done Yourself Up Too Much

Here is something a little confusing.  While you have put a lot of efforts into your looks, and you might look stunning, what you could have done is dressed yourself out of many men’s league, making you unapproachable, explains the Portland matchmaking team.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just means only the most confident men will make an approach. 

You’re Flirting with Everyone, Even the Bartender

This one is very funny, but it definitely belongs on the list.  If men see you as too easy, you’ll still get approached, but not by the right type of men, explains the Portland matchmaking team.  You’ll be approached by men who are looking for an easy hookup.  Men who are looking for a serious relationship will not approach a woman who is flirting with everyone. 

If you’re struggling to meet compatible men on your own, contact the personal matchmakers at Portland Singles Matchmaking Service to set up a consultation today.  The dating professionals at Portland Singles will only introduce you to quality men who are looking to settle down—eliminating all the hard work for you.

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