Portland Dating Service Reveals the Reasons Why Men Don’t Commit to You

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The most common man question women ask is why men are afraid of commitment.  Today, the professional team of matchmakers at popular Portland dating service will review why many men are afraid of commitment when it comes to relationships.

What is the reason he won’t commit to you?  What is it that makes you not relationship-worthy?  Today, the matchmakers will review a few reasons for you.  If you don’t have any of these below traits, odds are you’re a great woman any man would love to settle down with.

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You Have No Goals in Life

Before you can be ready for a serious relationship, you need to be able to demonstrate to him you’re capable of having your own life.  Men need to know that you have long term goals in your life; otherwise they cannot picture spending the rest of their life with you.  It’s very important you have an idea of where you will be in the next few years.  You don’t have to have the exact answer, because he probably doesn’t have it either, but at least have a general idea of what you plan on doing with your life.

You Treat Your Family Members Badly

So things could be going well with the new man you’re dating, you are super nice to each other all the time and he thinks you’re a super kind and caring person—until you decide to introduce him to your family. 

One day, they come to your house and he notices that you are the complete opposite with your sister.  She asks you for a small favor and you flip out on her, “Do it yourself, you lazy ass.”  Then, later your parents call you on the phone and tell you they forgot to grab your mom’s purse, she left it up on your bed, “Ugh, you always do this.” 

Men are only left to make assumptions that you’re putting up a fake face and they believe that if you were in a serious relationship, you would treat them the same way.

You Bring Up Marriage Too Soon

“I thought we’d be married by now.”  “I want to have children by the time I’m 35.” “All my friends are already married.  When do you think it will happen for me?”

These are perfectly normal thoughts any woman may have, but the Portland dating service matchmakers know they’re definitely not good ones to mention during the first few months of dating.  If men get a feel that you’re desperate to start a family and raise children, it tells them you don’t care who it is as long as you accomplish your mission.  In the early stages of you relationship it’s all about fun and compatibility, explains Portland dating service experts.  Marriage and children are things that will come later down the road when things get serious.

You’re Still Playing Relationship Games

Playing hard to get, being flaky and inconsistent, and flirting with other men just to make your partner jealous?  All these behaviors indicate one thing, and that is immaturity.  The Portland dating service experts recommend you never play these games if you want to settle down in a happy and healthy relationship.  If you have no problem playing relationship games, then men will have no problem disappearing from your life.

You’re Irresponsible with Your Finances

Like having no long term goals, being irresponsible with your finances tells men one thing and that is you could care less about your future.

If you could care less about the future, how do you expect men to want to spend the rest of their life with you?

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You’re Too High Maintenance

Requiring a lot of communication, lots of gifts and frequent reassurance are major red flags for men.  Men don’t mind doing nice things in order to keep a relationship alive, but if the relationship begins to feel like a full time job, men will not stick around for long.  A healthy relationship needs to be a balanced effort and one where both partners treat each other well, states Portland dating service experts.

You’re Very Insecure

If there is one thing that annoys men all the time it is a woman who cannot take a compliment.  If he tells you that you look good today and you say, “Oh, no I look horrible,” you just made two mistakes.  You insulted his taste and you showed him how insecure you are.  Everyone has shortcomings and recognizing them to improve them could be a good thing, the problem is when you allow those shortcoming define who you are and destroy your confidence, explains Portland dating service experts.  Insecurity isn’t sexy and more importantly, insecurity leads to jealousy.  You think you’re behind is too small so now you get mad every time your man talks to a woman with a better behind than yours.  Remember, if men are going to commit to you, it’s because they admire you and respect you, even with all your shortcomings so if they give you a compliment, learn to take it.

You’re a Mess

This might seem petty, but it’s important.  If your car, your condo, and your appearance are poorly kept, it reflects on who you are and your character, explains the Portland dating service team.  If you lead that lazy lifestyle men will assume you’ll be lazy in a relationship—not good for a serious relationship, let alone a marriage.

You Don’t Have Your Own Life

Men like to date women who have their own things going—career, hobbies, friends—you know, all the good stuff.  It is important to have your own interests as a single person because that’s what makes you attractive, but it will also help you keep from getting tired of each other.  In a serious relationship it can be tough to keep things fresh and exciting and having your own separate life is a great way to do just that, explains Portland dating service team of matchmakers.

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