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Portland matchmakers from Portland Singles Dating Service review major things you must know before tying the knot.

Tying the knot is one of the most exciting and important steps in your life, and while you might be 100% ready, there are definitely some things you need to know before you walk down the aisle and commit to your partner for a lifetime.  These very important things can impact your relationship in the long term, so if you are hearing wedding bells in the background, before you make it official, local Portland matchmakers have a few things you need to know before taking the plunge.

Will Children Be in the Picture?

You can’t predict the future in regards to having children, but you need to know whether or not your fiancé is on board about having children.  Some men don’t want to have children and would prefer if the relationship stays between two people, while other men want a house full of babies.  You need to make sure you two are on the same page when it comes to children or you both may be in for a surprise in the future, explains Portland matchmakers.

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Will Divorce Be an Option?

Everyone has different views in regards to divorce; some are okay with it, where others are completely against it would prefer to work things out with a professional counselor.  Knowing exactly where your man stands in regards to divorce is crucial before you tie the knot.  If you hit a bad patch in your relationship, you need to know whether or not you have an exit plan.

Who Will Handle the Bills?

Once both of you get married you’ll have joint bills; therefore, you must decide who will be the one in charge of them.  Things can get confusing when too many people handle the finances—things can get lost, mixed up, and end up being late.  At the same time, you must ensure the bills are always paid on time each month.  You should know whether or not the two of you will share a bank account as well as who will be the one in charge of keeping the finances in check.

Is There More Than Just a Physical Connection?

Everyone knows that after a couple gets married their sex life may start going down the drain.  If this was to happen to your relationship you need to make sure there is something more than just physical connection.  When your schedules are different or the two of you had a stressful week, you’ll want to know that just because you’re not intimate it’s not going to ruin the relationship.

Will There Be a Prenup?

Celebrity couples do it, so why not follow their trend, right?  Well, maybe not.  Some people insist a prenup is something all marriages should have, while on the other hand, there are those who don’t believe in it.  This one is a matter of personal choice and is totally up to the two of you.

What Happens When You Purchase a House?

In your head you might believe the minute you buy a house your name will appear on the deed; however, that’s not something you should easily assume.  Ask your partner whether or not both names will appear on the deed and don’t just make assumptions.

Will Passwords Be Shared?

Everyone knows this is the age of social networking, but are you okay with your soon to be husband having all his social media accounts password protected?  When some couples get married, they assume all the passwords will come out in the open, but that’s not always the case.  Determine whether or not having private social media pages will create problems in your marriage.

What Happens If Your Man Watches Adult Films?

Everyone knows that men are visual creatures, even when they’re married and in relationships.  And, yes, he will most likely watch adult videos.  For some women, this can be a huge relationship deal breaker.  Make sure you voice your opinion on this matter.  If you hate that your man watches this type of video, you need to let him know—and if he continues, he might have some underlying problems.

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How Much Will You Spend Time Apart from Each Other?

Even married couples like to hold onto their single lifestyle sometimes—people still want to go out by themselves and grab a drink with friends.  Though getting blasted with your girlfriends might not be in the picture anymore, you should still be able to go out with your girlfriends.  Portland matchmakers encourage you to make sure your partner is okay with you going out without him by your side all the time.

How Much Will You Share with Each Other’s Families?

Regardless how close each of you are with your families, you need to figure out how much information you’re willing to share.  You and your partner need to be on the same page when it comes to sharing information, explains Portland matchmakers.  You don’t want to share certain things if your man wants to keep them private.  This can be a huge stressor for many marriages.

What about Religious Beliefs?

Religion plays a huge part of life and it’s possible that your man has different religious beliefs and values than you.  You need to make sure you understand what religion he belongs to or if he doesn’t follow one at all.  Many people celebrate certain religious holidays and expect their partners to do the same.  Religion will also be a very important part of raising children, reminds Portland matchmakers.

What Happens If Your In-Laws Must Crash in?

Your parents and his are bound to get older, so you need to make sure you have a talk with your partner in case your parents or his need to move in at some point.  Would you be willing to open your house for them?  Not agreeing could easily turn into a huge fight, possibly a split, explains Portland matchmakers.

What Does Marriage Mean?

Not everyone views marriage in the same light.  For some people, it’s only a piece of paper, while others view it as a money drainer.  For those who are deeply into relationships and believe in true love and commitment, they see it as a huge step into the future.  You need to be sure what marriage means to you and your partner—and make sure you’re both on the same page.  You never want to force or pressure your partner into marriage either.  It should be something both of you believe in and truly desire.

If you’re currently single but looking for a long lasting and meaningful relationship, contact Portland Singles Dating Service to set up a consultation.  Let the dating professionals transform your love life into something you always dreamed of.

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