Lake Oswego Matchmakers – The Problems of Having a Type When Dating

Professional matchmakers in Lake Oswego, Portland Singles, review the downsides of having a type and why it could be stopping many Portland women from finding Mr. Right.

Of course it seems obvious to anyone looking at it from the outside, the less men you’re open to dating, the less chances there are of finding an ideal partner—the longer you’ll remain single and lonely.  But in their 25 years of experience in the Portland dating and matchmaking industry, the team of matchmakers at Portland Singles have seen many strong and capable women unable to find true love.  And they are the ones who usually say, “All the good men are taken.”  Ironically, it happens to be the same type of women who hang onto that type they will date—and will not stray from otherwise.

While it’s essential and important to know exactly what you want out of a partner, setting guidelines which are too strict for men to fit could actually be preventing you from finding Mr. Right and could be the reason you’re single and sitting here reading this blog today.  If you know or think this might be your problem, don’t worry because professional Lake Oswego matchmakers from Portland Singles will review why having a type is detrimental to finding love—and they’ll provide you with some helpful tips so you can open up, step out of your box and let go of that type so you too can find love soon.

pic 5 Lake Oswego Matchmakers – The Problems of Having a Type When Dating

Start Doing the Math

It was mentioned earlier, but we’ll mention it again… Having a type will greatly limit your chances of finding love.  Whether you classify your type using physical characteristics, certain personality traits or an affiliation to a certain political background, ruling out all men means you will have less fish in your sea—less chances to find love.

This might not sound quite right to you (when you think there are plenty of men out there), but unfortunately, you are eliminating plenty of quality men on sometimes arbitrary things.  Having standards is essential when dating, but keeping them simple is essential too, explains Lake Oswego matchmakers.  Make a list of essential qualities you want in a partner, but be honest with yourself and cross off anything that seems superficial or too demanding.  You’ll find that by eliminating all the superficial things you’ll be open to a whole new world of dating experiences and finding love.

Have You Grown Up at All?

The external factors of having a type are the main cause of why you’re single.  It’s pretty obvious, but you might also be doing it for some internal reasons.  If you are constantly dating the same type of men, there is no way you’re growing positively when it comes to relationships.

Dating might be aggravating to you, and sometimes it might even seem fruitless and pointless, but no matter how many failed relationships you’ve been involved in and experienced in the past, you should always learn something from them so you can become better in your next relationship, explains Lake Oswego matchmakers.

If you are constantly dating the same type of man with the same traits and characteristics, you’re not making the most out of your dating life.  It’s like going shopping for the same pair of shoes your whole life—black shoes, no straps, stiletto heel, no designs—no differences—no excitement. Make it a point to try a little something different by stepping outside your comfort zone when it comes to dating.  This will help you become a better dater—and in doing so, your love life will also grow in a positive and more fulfilling way.

Is Having a Type Working for You?

Think about this, if you’re sick and tired of being single, it sounds like the type of man you have is not working out for you.  It is possible that whatever quality it is that draws you to this type of man is not the quality you should be looking for in a potential partner.  Or, it could be that what you’re looking for in a partner, no good quality man can give you.  You should try broadening your horizons by dating someone who isn’t necessarily taller than you, but has a great sense of humor.  Or try going out with a guy who doesn’t party on the weekends if that’s what you normally used to go for—you get the idea here.  This is not to say that the next different guy you decide to date will be the one, but it’s something worth trying—and unless you give it a shot, you will never know if it works, explains Lake Oswego matchmakers.  What do you have to lose?  Nothing you have done so far has worked out, right?

You Must Have Started Out Somewhere

Think long and hard about where this type of man you go for originated.  Are you looking for someone that duplicates your ex-husband?  Did your preferences start out earlier when you were melting for the jock in high school, the one you never got?  The point is, your type had to develop somewhere, so it is possible there are other qualities you want in a partner but you just don’t know them yet because you don’t give men a chance (because you’re too fixated with your type), explains Lake Oswego matchmakers.

Guess what?  There’s only one way you can find out, and that is by dating other men. Challenge yourself to go out on dates with men you normally would not go out with (as long as they’re not jerks).  Even if you’re single after a while, you’ll be surprised how much your tastes will change in that amount of time, in that time you dared yourself to step out of your comfort zone.  The more practice you have dating men that you would normally not go for, the more broadened your dating life will become—and sooner or later, before you know it, the right man will come walking into your life.

Are you ready to meet quality men in Portland?  Are you sick and tired of being single and lonely?  The Lake Oswego matchmakers from Portland Singles Dating Service can help you meet quality men today.  The matchmaking team at Portland Singles will get to know you on a one-to-one basis and only introduce you to quality men who fit your dating criteria.

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