Dating Service in Portland Reveals Why Many Relationships Fail

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No one gets into a relationship thinking their love will fade away, but in many relationships love doesn’t last forever.  While you might still care about your partner and the relationship, you might come to realize you don’t love them anymore.  If you don’t understand why, Portland dating and relationship experts from Portland Singles will review a few of the reasons for you today.  

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There Isn’t a Foundation

For a relationship and love to last, there must be a good foundation built for the relationship to grow.  Maybe the relationship started shaky, but you stayed together because you hoped to fix things or maybe the relationship started way too fast, but in order for a relationship to last, it takes time to create love.  When the relationship starts off with a bad foundation, it will eventually come crashing down.

There Are a Lot of Lies

Being betrayed is one of the worst things that can happen to a partner, and there is nothing worse than losing the trust in someone you should trust.  This could happen because they lied to you, they cheated, or something else, but lies will lead to the loss of trust and without trust, a relationship will not survive, explain Portland dating and relationship experts.  In many cases, the damage cannot be repaired. 

There Is No Communication

You probably heard this one before, but without communication a relationship will not succeed.  When two partners cannot communicate anymore, they leave room for conflict and when there is conflict, there are bound to be problems.  When there is no communication, the two partners will also become distant with one another; therefore, losing the love they had for one another.  Communication is essential if you want your relationship to succeed.

Not Being Compatible

Compatibility is another essential factor when it comes to the longevity of a relationship, explains Portland dating and relationship experts.  While on the surface it may have seemed like the two of you were perfect for each other, after a few months you realized that you were both completely different.  This could have happened after the fireworks were gone and you started realizing that your lifestyle, values, and priorities did not match with each other’s.  This is an important lesson for your future dating life—liking the same foods or listening to the same music isn’t enough to make a relationship survive.

There Is a Lot of Jealousy

Being jealous isn’t a good trait to possess in a relationship, and if you are the jealous one or have a partner who is jealous, you know that this is hard to deal with.  It’s nice to know your partner wants you and only you, but when you have to explain your every move, things can get complicated—and it also shows their lack of trust in you or vice versa.  And as mentioned in the beginning, no trust means no love.

Always Getting Taken for Granted

They say you don’t know what you have until it’s gone—and this is true to many relationships.  Some couples don’t even know what they have and take their partner for granted.  Many people jump into relationships thinking that love is unconditional no matter what and that their partner will love them regardless, but when laziness sets in and respect goes out the window, it’s easy for one partner to fall out of love.

Big Life Events

Life is full of events, but sometimes those events can become obstacles.  A major life event can definitely destroy your relationship.  Maybe your partner lost their job and now feels inadequate and is facing depression or maybe you two are expecting a child, but your partner doesn’t want to be with you anymore.  Any event that is life changing can undoubtedly destroy a relationship, explains Portland dating and relationship experts—again, back to needing a strong foundation to survive.

couple date 2 Dating Service in Portland Reveals Why Many Relationships Fail

Too High of Expectations

In the beginning, when you first started dating them you probably bent over backwards just to keep the relationship going, but as time went on you stopped doing such things.  Instead you’re acting more like the real you and showing your true colors.  When expectations are not met and the truth comes out, your partner might come to the realization that they are not really in love with you or vice versa. 

There Is No Excitement

In order to keep a relationship alive there must be excitement and fun.  When a relationship becomes mundane, things can definitely take a toll on the two partners.  It is hard to continue loving someone when the relationship has become boring.  Of course no relationship can ever stay in the honeymoon phase forever, but there are things partners can do to keep the spark alive, explains Portland dating and relationship experts. 

A Lot of Secrets

In a relationship it’s always best to reveal who you are and not keep any secrets; however, a lot of people are known to tell little white lies or even tell flat out lies to keep something completely hidden.  Finding out that your partner is a drug addict or discovering that they are not who they say they are can definitely destroy a relationship.

No Support

When you are in a loving relationship with someone you expect them to give you their full support—you want to know that your partner supports you in ever decision you make, even the small ones.  When you or your partner don’t support each other, emotional issues are going to happen.  Being in a relationship is all about being with someone who is in your corner and when one of you are no longer there, things will crumble. 

Having a High Maintenance Partner

There aren’t too many people in the world today who are looking for a high maintenance partner.  A lot of partners start off as low maintenance, but once the money starts to come in, they can change into being much more high maintenance.  Not many people want to go into a lifelong sentence with someone who spends too much or doesn’t know how to save.  Being too high maintenance can definitely destroy a relationship.

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