Cedar Mill Matchmakers – Top Signs He Loves You

Matchmaking service in Portland, Portland Singles, reveals the top signs he’s falling for you.

He said he does but you don’t know, you’re just not quite sure where you stand.  Today, Cedar Mill matchmakers from Portland Singles Dating Service reveal undeniable signs he loves you.

It can be very difficult to know if a man loves you or not, but being in the matchmaking and dating industry, the dating professionals from Portland Singles know a few things that will certainly help you figure out whether he loves you or not.  At the same time, there are a few things that can make things difficult to pinpoint like the following:

  • Your definition of love is completely different than his.
  • Your expectations of love are completely different.
  • Your insecurities seem to be getting in the way and are clouding your judgment.
  • His words, behaviors, and actions can be contradicting and causing you troubles in figuring things out between the two of you.

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He Loves Me but the Situations Are Very Confusing

Like many women, you will meet, date, and be in relationships with many different types of men, and during your dating experiences, you will come across one of the following situations:

  • Men you know for a short period of time will tell you they’re in love with you without truly knowing who you are.  If this happens, don’t believe them.  They most likely have other motives like trying to get you to the bedroom and are simply using the big L word in hopes of getting you there.


  • Men that say they love you but don’t treat you as they do.  And they don’t treat you as though they love you because they don’t know how to really love someone.  Some of these men love themselves more than they can love you or anyone else for that matter.  You will always know when you’re with this type of man because you’ll always have doubts about their love for you.


  • Men who say those three magic words and don’t treat you well… Yep, you guessed it, these men don’t love you.  You should leave this type of man and find someone better.


  • Men who tell you those three magic words and treat you with love.  This man might actually love you, he could wear his heart on his sleeve and is comfortable letting you know his feelings. There is no doubt he is a good man for you; he is a keeper.

So how can you know if a man truly loves you or not?  Today, Cedar Mill matchmakers will review the top signs he is falling in love with you.

1. He Treats You Very Well

A man who loves you will be considerate of your feelings, needs, and desires.  He will make your needs as important as his, he is concerned with your well-being, and will always do things to make your life better, even go out of his way to get it done.  Not only does he treat you well, but he always treats your friends and family with respect and kindness as well.

2. He Knows How to Spend His Time

He doesn’t let a full day go by without seeing you.  When he is available he wants you to spend time with him.  If the two of you are involved in a long distance relationship, he will spend time with you whenever his schedule allows him.  Are you together during major holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s?

3. You Are His #1 Priority

You are always on the front of his mind and he keeps contact in between seeing you.  He considers you when making a big decision and is considerate about the things you want to do.  When he talks, he always uses the word we instead of I, and he makes it a point to always include you in future plans.

4. He Cares for You

A man who is truly in love with you will be happy when good things come your way, and he’ll always be by your side when you’re facing tough challenges.  This man will be there for you during the good and the bad.  And besides always being by your side through thick and thin, he will always surprise you with little tokens of affection outside of your birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day.  He will also challenge you when he notices you’re doing something that is preventing you from becoming a better person.

5. He Wants Everyone to Know about You

He is affectionate with you in public by holding hands, hugging you, or putting his arm around you.  He is proud to be seen with you and has no problems introducing you to friends and family members.  In fact, he loves bringing you to family get togethers and takes you to company parties.

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6. He Always Wants the Best for You

A man who is in love with you will always encourage you to do the things you love, explains Cedar Mill matchmakers, even if those things are without him.  He wants you to spend time doing your hobbies and hanging out with your friends and encourages you to find something you’re passionate about because knowing that you’re happy will make him happy too.

Don’t believe it when a man just tells you ‘I love you’ if his behaviors and actions aren’t matching up.  You will know if you’re in the type of situation because you will feel uncertain and question his love for you.  Remember to pay attention to that little voice inside of you because it might be telling you something right.  Cedar Mill matchmakers encourage you to place less weight on his words and more on his actions because when it comes to showing love, those actions will reveal whether he’s truly in love with you or not.  It’s easy for a man to tell you he loves you because he knows that’s what you want to hear; the true test is whether or not his actions match what he’s telling you.  When a man is truly in love with you, you don’t even have to hear the words because you just know it deep inside.

If you’re tired of playing guessing games with the men you date, contact Cedar Mill matchmakers from Portland Singles Dating Service and let them introduce you to quality men who are serious about falling in love and settling down.

What are you waiting for?  Let Portland Singles find you true love today!



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