Bull Mountain Matchmakers – 6 Biggest Myths about Elder Singles

Dating & Matchmaking service in Portland, Portland Singles, reveals the 6 biggest myths about singles over 50.

Let’s say you’re checking someone out who might be your next date, maybe a friend of yours has sent you a link to their personal Facebook page and you have agreed to go on a date with them, or perhaps you were matched through a professional Portland matchmaking service.  You’re digging their pictures, you have a smile on your face, they’re even a non-smoker like you requested, but all the sudden you notice your potential partner in their 50’s has never been married. Suddenly, all that excitement you had has completely sunken to the bottom of the pool and now you’re suspicious.

Let’s face it, everyone has certain stereotypes about people who are older and have never been married.  If your potential love interest has never been married, it’s clear they have some anger problems or maybe they are cat hoarders, right?  Wrong! If you let those kind of assumptions guide your dating route, then you might be missing out on a perfect partner. Your first step on the road to a perfect relationship should be debunking this myth you have about unmarried people, regardless if they’re a man or woman.  Today, Bull Mountain matchmakers from Portland Singles Dating Service are here to help you do that.

mature Bull Mountain Matchmakers – 6 Biggest Myths about Elder Singles

Top Myths about Men Who Have Never Been Married

1. He Is a Jerk

Well, yes, maybe this could be true, but there are plenty of men out there who have never been married before and have the ideal characteristics you desire in a perfect partner.  At Portland Singles Dating Service, the matchmakers see a lot of men like this, men who have never been married before, but are truly great catches.  Don’t go into the dating world with this type of assumption that all men who have never been married before are jerks—you could be missing out on a lot of amazing guys.

2. He Has to Be a Player

Just because a man has never been married before doesn’t mean he spends every night looking for another notch on his belt.  This stereotype was made up by women in order to gain control over their dating experience.  Their emotional safety is at risk, and this type of stereotype becomes a tool for women to determine whether or not a man is okay to date.  And for many women, if they have ever known a man in his 50’s who was never married and is a player, this gives their assumption much further evidence.  Bull Mountain matchmakers encourage you never to fall into this type of thinking.

3. He Has to Have Commitment Issues

In this case, it’s the exact opposite.  Perhaps he was trying to get settled down in his early years, but his ex-girlfriend decided she was not up for it when he got down on his knee and proposed.  Everyone has had a bad partner at some point in their lives and there is no reason to punish the guy simply because his last relationship didn’t work out.

4. He Doesn’t Want Children

Kids might have been on this man’s radar ten years ago, but people’s priorities change the older they get.  So now that he is older and financially secure after working for many years of his life, maybe he no longer wants to raise a family.  Instead of making this type of assumption, your best bet is to come out and ask him.

5. He Isn’t Husband Material

Maybe he’s not, or maybe he is, but the whole point of dating is to try out one another and see how you fit into each other’s lives, explains Bull Mountain matchmakers.  Finding out if someone is interested in getting married is actually one of the few things you should talk about with them.  This will give you a clear indication if you’re both headed for the same path.  If this person doesn’t want to get married, then you might be setting yourself up for disappointment in the end, but don’t make that assumption without asking first.

Top Myths about Women Who Have Never Been Married

1. She Must Be Very Difficult to Handle

This word can refer to anything from a woman who is hard to please, to a woman who simply has her own ideas and isn’t willing to compromise for anything.

If any man would like to get over this type of stereotype, he must be willing to go into it with an open-mind. “That difficultly that you might have found in her might actually be something that is perfect for you.”

2. She Has to Be Desperate

Just because she has never been married in the past doesn’t mean she will accept a ring from just anyone at this age, explains Bull Mountain matchmakers.  Maybe she’s been working her way up the career ladder, taking care of an elderly relative until now, or maybe she never felt a sense of urgency to have children.  Don’t go into this situation thinking she will fall for you right away.  This woman might end up dumping you before the waitress even brings you your dessert.

3. She Has to Be Extremely Picky

We all have the right to select the perfect partner that is ideal for us, and it’s possible that partner has not crossed her path yet, explains Bull Mountain matchmakers.  Resisting the temptation to just marry anyone for the sake of getting married should be applauded and not put down.

mature1 Bull Mountain Matchmakers – 6 Biggest Myths about Elder Singles

4. She Doesn’t Know How to Handle a Relationship

Just because she’s never been married doesn’t mean she has never been in a committed relationship.  There is no reason to assume that because a woman hasn’t had a ring on her finger she won’t be able to handle a long term partner.  People like to pay attention to what confirms their stereotypical beliefs and ignore anything that contradicts it, explains Bull Mountain matchmakers, but instead of looking at the fact that she has never been married, look for other signs that she might be the type of woman who would like to be in a serious relationship.

6. She’s Already Married to Her Career

Nowadays, you can’t blame anyone for working extra hours at work; after all, it might be the only way to ensure a job the following month, but the truth is, women can and have juggled their careers and relationships.  And, hey, if you can manage to handle both, she can too!

If you’re struggling to meet mature singles in Portland, contact Portland Singles Dating Service and let them introduce you to quality singles who are looking for the same thing out of dating as you are.  What are you waiting for, don’t waste another day!


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