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Breaking up is extremely difficult when you don’t know what to tell her or how to put an end to your relationship.  Find out how to break up with your girlfriend as Portland matchmakers, the dating experts at Portland Singles Dating Service, review the most mature way to do it.

There are many ways you can end your relationship and none of them are easy.  Well, except if you do it the coward’s way.  But rather than staying in a bad relationship that is causing more pain than good, the best choice is to put an end to it and move on, but in the right way.

If you are indeed convinced that your relationship has no future ahead and that you will never be happy, then this article from the best Portland matchmakers will be the right one for you.

Breaking up is painful, it’s heartbreaking, and worst of all, the person who will be dumped will be full of shame and depression.  So if you still care a little bit for your girlfriend and are looking to bring love back in your life, then you can try something different.  But if all fails and you end up feeling more frustrated in the end, with no way of holding the relationship together, then get ready to learn and read these tips from local Portland matchmakers, the dating and relationship experts at Portland Singles Dating Service.

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How to Break Up with Your Girlfriend the Mature Way

There are a hundred ways you can go about breaking up with your girlfriend, some will be easier than others, but if you’re looking for ways to break up with her, doing it gracefully without hurting her too much, then here is the proper way to do it.

In order to put an end to your relationship, the first thing you must do is keep her feelings in mind and try to end the relationship the most mature way possible.  After all, Portland matchmakers know you can and should be chivalrous, even in the middle of your breakup.

Have a Conversation with Her about Your Relationship

If you find that there is constant bickering in your relationship and you’re always arguing over the smallest things, there is obviously something that is unresolved.  If neither of you can go a day without picking a fight for no reason at all or you always find yourself getting annoyed at everything she does (or vice versa), perhaps it’s now the time to have a clear conversation and understand the reason behind all these problems, explains Portland matchmakers from Portland Singles.

Never Break Up Unexpectedly

All breakups are bad, but an unexpected breakup can be the worst thing that can happen to anyone.  Never surprise your girlfriend with an unexpected breakup.  It can shatter her, and likely will, especially if she’s in the dark about it and never thought that day would come.

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Talk to Her & Get Her Opinion

If you’re trying to put an end to your relationship, the first thing you must do is talk to her about it, explains Portland matchmakers.  When you’re talking to her about your relationship after one of those huge fights, get her point of view about the relationship.  Stay calm and ask her if she thinks it would be better if the two of you would remain friends instead of staying in a relationship that isn’t happy.  For that, you can say something like this, “You know (insert name here), I’ve been thinking about this for a long time.  Do you think it would be better if we were friends?  We’re both working too hard in this relationship that seems to be going nowhere—and even after we patch things up, we end up fighting all over again.”  Saying those things shouldn’t be difficult at all and it will get her to tell you her point of view.

Throwing that out in the open in a subtle and mature way can actually help your girlfriend understand where you’re coming from.  By talking about it with her and making a statement, you’re getting her involved in the decision making process and this will be a lot easier to handle, explains Portland matchmakers.  Why?  Because mutual decisions are always easier to handle.

Is She Ready to Do It?

If she thinks the relationship has come to its end, then it should be nice and easy—and the best part about it, the breakup is not going to be a blow to her because it was a mutual decision.  But if she’s not ready to put an end to the relationship, she tells you she wants to fix things up, what is your next move?

If you do care about her and about your relationship, the least thing you can do is give it a few days to try things out and see if things really do get better.  Relationships have a weird way of fixing themselves, even when you thought there wasn’t any chance of survival.  But if the breakup is being caused because you are interested in someone else, or you no longer want to dedicate anymore of your time to it, then the most important thing you can do is tell her the truth.  Never lose your cool and always speak in a calm demeanor, even if your girlfriend doesn’t agree with your decision.

Breaking Up with Your Girlfriend Now

You might ask yourself is it really necessary to follow all the above steps?  You could skip them if you want to, but as a mature man, someone who cared about the feelings of this woman at one point, you must.  It is still your responsibility to do it. 

Breaking up with someone, especially someone you once loved, will never be easy, but breaking up like a man, well, it takes a real man to do it. 

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