Beaverton Dating Service Unveils Real Life Dating Tips for Modern Day Women

Beaverton matchmakers from Portland Singles Dating Service reveal expert dating advice for today’s modern woman.

Modern day rules have changed in recent years; anyone can ask anyone out, it doesn’t matter who pays, or even if the date is a formal date.  But with these changes comes confusion.  Women who initiate contact are left wondering why they’re having a hard time attracting those masculine men.  Following dating rules found online can leave modern day women feeling discouraged and confused with their romantic life.  If you’re sick and tired of constantly getting dismissed in the dating world, follow this dating advice from Beaverton dating experts at Portland Singles Dating Service and you’ll be on your way to being a better dater and making a meaningful connection in no time.

f Beaverton Dating Service Unveils Real Life Dating Tips for Modern Day Women

Take Some Time Off of Dating

If you are no longer having fun with the dating scene, don’t force yourself to date.  Stop dating altogether if you’re feeling burnt out.  Having the wrong mindset or carrying baggage will prevent you from having a good time, and when you are not having fun, your energy will show and you’ll attract negative partners, which will reinforce the reasons why you don’t like dating to begin with.  Get into the right frame of mind, open your heart, and take it easy.  Working on releasing negative energy will make dating much easier.

Control Your Dating Future

Getting negative results in dating happens when you let dating control you; instead of letting dating control you, do whatever possible to control it.  This means developing a dating strategy and following it.  When you follow a dating regimen, you won’t be as tempted to hang out or hook up with negative people, and you won’t get sidetracked by being with the wrong partner.  You’ll be able to have a clear vision of what you want in a relationship and who you’re supposed to be with, explains Beaverton dating experts.

Enjoy Your Single Status

If you are one of those women who hates being single, you might come off as eager and desperate, which will scare off any potential candidate right away.  You can also cloud your vision from seeing dangerous red flags.  If you are having a hard time being single or you’re feeling sad because you have not yet found the one, it’s okay.  Take some time to enjoy your current single status by exploring yourself, taking up hobbies and interests, and spending time with loved ones.  Once you’re happy with your life and yourself, you’ll attract quality singles easily.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Anyone

Stop comparing yourself to everyone.  You are your own person with your own life, and your path is based on experiences, what you need to learn from them, and what you need to grow, explains Beaverton dating experts.  The path a friend has taken will be completely different from yours.  Both paths could lead to love but they are still different.  The path you follow should only be made for you, so you need to stop with the temptation to constantly compare yourself to others.

Don’t Always Be Yourself

If being yourself hasn’t gotten you the dates you want, then act like the person you wish to attract.  For example, if you want to attract a partner who is trusting, then you must work on your trust issues yourself; if you are having a hard time being vulnerable and want a man who is able to communicate with you, you’ll want to become more vulnerable.  Remember, in the dating world, you attract who you are, not what you want, explains Beaverton dating experts.  Figure out the top qualities you want in an ideal partner and work on those qualities in yourself.

couple date 2 Beaverton Dating Service Unveils Real Life Dating Tips for Modern Day Women

Set the Pace & Have Standards

If you’re sick and tired of men who only want you because of sex, then bring back the days when they wooed you.  When you take time to date someone, you will learn whether or not they’re looking for a fling or a serious relationship.  Setting the right pace and having standards will bring the partner who is right for you.  Having this approach will increase your chances of turning dates into meaningful relationships.

Be Selective about Who You Date

You are a top prize.  Instead of going out with any Joe Schmoe who asks you out on a date, you need to be selective.  Only date those who are deserving of being with you.  A man only deserves to date you if he has made you a priority, calls you when he says he will, treats you well, and respects you.  A man doesn’t deserve you if they only need you when it’s convenient for them, has you paying for dates, and doesn’t stick to his word.  Being selective reinforces positive feelings and will give you an overall better dating experience, explains Beaverton dating experts.

Let Go of Who Doesn’t Make the Cut

If you’re looking for a serious relationship and the person says they’re only looking for something casual, believe them.  If you keep seeing him with hopes he will change, you’re only wasting your precious time, which you will regret down the road.  Walk away now so you can be with someone who is available and also looking for a serious relationship.

Pay Attention to Them

Don’t fall victim to a man who tells you what you want to hear and acts differently.  If you tend to take men’s words at face value and are always let down, stop believing what they say.  Pay attention to his behavior and let his actions speak.  If a person is 80% talk and 20% action, then you must let them go.  On the opposite side, if the person is 20% talk and 80% action, then you know you want to be with them.  As long as you follow that rule, then you will weed out bad candidates and be with the ones that count.

Take Control of Your Dating Life Today

You have the power to make your dating experience an enjoyable one.  As long as you follow the wisdom brought to you by Beaverton dating experts from Portland Singles Dating Service, these helpful tips will make you feel empowered and make dating fun again.  You will be asked out by a lot of people, enjoy the dating process, and soon be on your way to finding someone special to settle down with.

If you’re tired of the frustrations and disappointments of dating on your own, contact Portland Singles Dating Service and let their matchmakers introduce you to quality singles, singles who are ready for love.

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