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Matchmaking Service in Portland Reviews Gifts Not to Give Your Girlfriend

Buying gifts for a woman can be very tricky, but if you want to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes, local matchmaking service, Portland Singles, will review certain gifts you should never buy your girlfriend.

Portland matchmaking experts

Your girlfriend’s birthday is just around the corner and you have no idea what to get her.  Our Portland matchmaking experts know this is a very common problem for men whether they’re dating the girl next door or a high maintenance woman.  Women like a variety of different things, from clothing, to shoes, to bags, and makeup, but for men, it can be very challenging to figure out if it’s something she’ll like or something she’ll throw out the window.  This is a well-known dilemma that has been troubling men for many years.  So what’s a guy to do?

mature Matchmaking Service in Portland Reviews Gifts Not to Give Your Girlfriend

Things You Need to Avoid Getting Your Girlfriend

Now, you don’t have to subscribe to the latest magazines to know everything about the latest in women’s fashion to find out what she likes.  However, it’s a good idea to have a simple guide of the things not to get her, along with the safest bets to surprise her.  So without further ado, our Portland matchmaking experts here at Portland Singles have compiled the ultimate guide for things you need to avoid getting your girlfriend on her birthday and ways you can get over the hurdles by picking something she will really love.

Don’t Buy Her Clothes & Shoes

Your lady might spend several hours at the mall shopping for the perfect dress or the perfect pair of shoes; however, you need to understand that clothes and shoes are only one part of the equation.  You need to consider how they’re going to fit and if they’re comfortable wearing them.  When it comes to buying clothes, most retailers will stick to average measurements.  This means those types of clothing will only fit women with average measurements.  But if your girlfriend has a slightly bigger bust, a longer torso, or wider hips, nothing of average is ever going to fit her, and if it does, she might not feel comfortable in it.  And as far as shoes go, good luck with that.  When it comes to shoes, it’s always best to let a woman do her own shoe shopping.  Your girlfriend doesn’t expect you to guess what type of shoes she will like unless she’s right there beside you trying them on.

The Solution: Shopping itself can be therapeutic for most women, so why not give her the chance to go by herself on a full out shopping spree?  You can’t go wrong with purchasing a gift certificate to her favorite retailer.

Don’t Buy Her Lingerie

Yes, it might be beautiful to see your lady wearing a sexy little lace teddy going to bed at night, but once again, do you know her measurements?  Do you know that there is a huge difference between a B cup and a C cup?  What about between a 32 and 34?  If you had no clue, then you were probably going to commit a big mistake by buying her that.

Another reason why you don’t want to buy your girlfriend lingerie is because she might think you’re trying to objectify her.  In your mind, you might be doing it because you know she would look great in it, but in her mind she might think that you will only find her attractive if she’s wearing that over her current collection.  It’s not a nice thing for her to think on her birthday, so skip it.

The Solution: For the price of an upscale lingerie set, you can buy her a branded bag.  Bags in a classy style are very unique.  Since most boutiques have attendants, they should be able to help you pick a style that goes with your girlfriend’s look.  And if you still don’t feel confident picking out a handbag for her, then you can always go with a gift certificate to her favorite boutique.

Don’t Buy Her Cleaning & Cooking Supplies

Unless your girlfriend has specifically asked you for these types of items or you have noticed her checking out the gadget section of cooking utensils, these items are usually a big no-no.  Getting her something in relation to chores will make her think you’re seeing her in a domesticated way, but that you didn’t give it any personal thought.  Sure, practical gifts might be a good idea for some women, especially if she has already given you hints that she wants that new coffee maker, but if not, you might end up reminding her of all the chores she has to do, even though it’s her birthday.

The Solution: Our Portland matchmaking experts know you absolutely can’t go wrong with this one.  Get her a pass to local Portland spa.  It’s her big day, so let her relax like a queen.  Go all out and buy her the whole package.  If your lady has been working long hours lately, this will be the perfect way to let her unwind and rejuvenate.

Don’t Buy Her Something over the Top

We know you want to leave a good impression on your girlfriend, but it doesn’t have to come with a price tag that makes you go bankrupt.  It is very tempting to want to go all out and impress your girl, however, if you purchase something you can’t really afford, it might make her think you have more money than you actually do.  She might even begin to resent you if you can’t keep up with those gifts.

The Solution: Buy Her Something Affordable & Classy

Classy never comes with a price tag.  There are tons of things you can buy her.  For instance, you can buy her a gift certificate to her favorite makeup store.  What woman doesn’t love a guilt-free trip to Mac, Sephora, or Ulta?

date 1 Matchmaking Service in Portland Reviews Gifts Not to Give Your Girlfriend

Don’t Buy Her Something for You

Sure, you can both reap the benefits from buying a brand new TV, but this is her birthday, not yours.  On her special day, you should buy her something specifically for her.  You can purchase dual gifts when your anniversary comes around.

The Solution: Buy her something she might want to share with you.  Remember how above our Portland matchmaking experts mentioned the spa day?  Well, you can get a spa day pass for two.  Not only will she love to have you by your side, but it will be a day she won’t forget. What could be more romantic than spending the day together enjoying chocolate covered strawberries and champagne, all while enjoying massages and Jacuzzi time?

So this time around on your girlfriend’s birthday, keep these simple things in mind and you’ll surely hit the nail on the head when it comes to making her day special.

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Portland, Oregon Matchmakers Bring You Signs Your Date Is Too Cheap

Today, a trusted local dating and matchmaking service, Portland Singles, will review if your man is being smart with money or simply a cheapskate.

Money is a very sticky topic when it comes to dating.  And actually, it can be one of the many reasons couples break up.  While flashy shows or overspending might indicate someone is foolish when it comes to money, a date who keeps his wallet on lockdown can also be an indication of a red flag for the future together.  Either way, he’s going to give you a preview of how he will treat you for the next few years.

So how can you tell if your date is just keeping an eye on his finances or if he is being a scrooge?  Look for these tell-tale signs from Portland matchmakers at Portland Singles Dating Service.  The way a man handles his money can be a big stressor in a relationship in the future.

penny Portland, Oregon Matchmakers Bring You Signs Your Date Is Too Cheap

1. He Only Asks You on Coffee Dates

Coffee dates are great and they can actually be some of the most efficient dates out there, but if he only asks you for a coffee date and can’t invest more than a dollar or two, it might be time to start questioning how much he values your company.  Nothing screams out, “I’m keeping our dates casual (and cheap),” like repetitive coffee dates.  He needs to be able to come up with more date ideas, not just a place he invests a dollar to get a quick caffeine fix.

2. He Wants to Split All Entrees

Splitting an entrée or appetizer can be romantic, but if that’s the main dish, no way!  If he only wants to split an appetizer, it can be a sign of further things to come in your relationship.  He might be looking to split more things with you; split his time, his energy, and even the gas bill.  Be aware of this behavior.

3. He Thinks You Will Always Split the Bill

There is nothing worse for a woman than when a man invites them out on a first date and starts talking about women’s equality right before the date ends and the bill arrives.  Yes, in this modern world Portland matchmakers know women are very capable of fending for themselves, but the general rule of dating is that if a man asks her out, he should pay.  Of course you should always do the purse reach when the check arrives or offer to leave the tip, but if you are dating a cheapskate, he will make you dig a little deeper.

4. He Uses Coupons on All Dates

There is no doubt that dating can be pricey and there are a lot of good deals out there, but during a first date it is crucial to leave a good first impression.  Everyone can agree that discount coupons are great if you want to do some grocery shopping, but if you’re thinking about using them while out on a first date, that’s a big no-no.  Save those coupons for when you are seriously dating and want to go out for frozen yogurt on a Sunday afternoon.  Talking about or using coupons on a first date can be as annoying as talking about an ex.  When you are already with someone for many months or years, it’s okay to save a few dollars together, and it can actually be kind of fun.

5. He Doesn’t Buy You Drinks When You Go Out

Unless he suffers from an alcohol addiction, in which case it’s great he’s staying on the wagon, this one can be a very quick indication of a cheapskate.  A cheapskate already knows that alcoholic drinks quickly add up and they will be very unwilling to invest in a couple drinks while you’re out.

6. He Tells You He Already Ate a Big Meal at Home

If you know you’re going out to eat, why on earth would you eat a huge meal beforehand?  If he has asked you out on a date, shouldn’t he share the same experience with you?  You can eat alone any time, but sharing lunch or dinner with someone is very special.  Leaving you to be the only one who eats at the restaurant is a good indication that you have a cheapskate on your hands.

f1 Portland, Oregon Matchmakers Bring You Signs Your Date Is Too Cheap

7. He Always Find Something Wrong to Get a Discount

The last thing you want to do is date a man who is always asking to get the manager for something.  This is the type of man who will nickel and dime his way through his whole life, and Portland matchmakers know that is not likely the type of man you want to settle down with.  If your date has cheapskate tendencies, he might also have some other unattractive ones as well.  When someone is always trying to get something discounted when they really don’t deserve it, it can be a huge red flag that you’re dealing with someone who always feel entitled.

8. He Never Tips Enough

The way a man tips at the end of a meal is a great way of knowing how he handles his money.  If he doesn’t tip well at the end of a first date, then his first impression will go down the drain, and very quickly if you’re like most women who believe in tipping well.  Even if the service was bad, he should have at least left something for the server, especially so you don’t feel like you need to be the one to sneak a better tip when he’s not looking.  The truth is, if a man cannot afford to tip the waiter, he should not be going out to eat in the first place, right?

9. He Takes You on Free Dates

Many modern women like dating social men, the ones that know promoters and get them into posh restaurants and clubs for no cost, and that is great.  However, if the man you’re dating only takes you out on a free dates, then he is a cheapskate.  Beware of men who are not willing to invest money on you.

10. He Always Forgets His Wallet

Forgetting a wallet at home can be a mistake any man can make; however, if every time the two of you go out to eat he somehow forgets his wallet, then it’s not because he’s careless, it’s because he’s a cheapskate.  If your date can’t remember to show up with money, then get rid of him.  A truly genuine man would never do this to a lady.

If you’re looking to meet successful, mature men in the Portland area, contact Portland matchmakers at Portland Singles today.  Let them start introducing you to quality men who fit your dating criteria.  & (503) 928-5930

Matchmaking Service in Portland Brings You Modern Day Dating Rules

Portland dating & matchmaking experts reveal a new set of rules for dating success!

When it comes to dating and finding love, there are certain dating rules that people would be dumb not to follow.  Maybe you are a firm believer that you need to fall in love within the first few seconds, maybe you’re the type of person who believes the kiss tells it all, or maybe you believe if you feel fireworks that your date is a keeper, and, well, if you don’t, you cut them off.  Well, those old school dating rules might still have their fans, dating and relationships experts, like those at Portland Singles, know those dating rules might not hold true in today’s modern dating world.  To put it in simple terms, many old dating rules need a little revamping.

Today, Portland matchmaking experts have composed some new dating rules that will surely work in your favor.  Without further ado, let’s be out with the old and in with the new!

couple on sexy date night Matchmaking Service in Portland Brings You Modern Day Dating Rules

Old Rule to Discard: You can tell you’ll be attracted to them within the first few seconds.

New Rule In: You can’t tell you’re attracted to someone until you’ve given it a few dates. 

Love at first sight exists in Hollywood movies, but in our modern, fast paced world it’s very hard to tell if you’ll click and hit it off with someone in the first few minutes.  Portland dating and relationship experts know that it takes time to cultivate a relationship; therefore, you need to be patient and date the person to see if they’re a match for you.

People are a bundle of nerves on first dates and it might prevent you from seeing the real version of them.  It can take until the third date for someone to completely relax and open up, and while sparks early on are great, they say nothing about someone’s long term potential.  It is very important that if you want a serious relationship that you ensure compatibility, and that takes time, discussions, and observations.  Don’t write someone off if you don’t feel sparks and butterflies on the first date; wait until you’ve done your due diligence

Old Rule to Discard: Your date needs to meet everything on your must-have list.

New Rule In: a must-have list is great, but they don’t need to fulfill the whole thing.

You can check off the attributes you want in a partner–appearance, background, education, career, and salary—but unless you are creating a partner in a laboratory, you’re certainly not going to have it all.  Of course you should have standards and never settle for anything, like you don’t want to settle for a smoker if you hate cigarettes, but settling for nothing less than perfection is completely unrealistic.

Having a mile long list is a recipe for unsuccessful dating.  Portland dating and relationship experts know that by having a mile long list you are only limiting your chances of finding love.  They recommend being flexible, especially when it comes to physical and material attributes, such as height, salary, or hair color.  After all, just because the man you want to date is six foot two or the woman you want to be with is blond, it doesn’t mean they’ll make you happy in a relationship.

Old Rule to Discard: Opposites attract.

New Rule In: Opposites do not attract.

Dating your complete opposite might mean that your relationship will be full of surprises and adventure, but dating someone who is the complete opposite to you will prove to be unfulfilling in the end.  The classic couples with nothing in common believe their relationships will work out just like they do in the movies, but just because you can’t keep your hands off each other does not mean the relationship will last.

That attraction you feel right now will eventually fizzle out.  If the two of you don’t like the same things and share common interests, there won’t be anything for you guys to do.  And if you both don’t share the same views on the future, what future will the two of you have?  Now, this isn’t to say that you should date your identical twin, but ideally, you should date someone who is on the same path as you.  See the next rule.

date night 21 Copy Matchmaking Service in Portland Brings You Modern Day Dating Rules

Old Rule to Discard: They have the same tastes as you, so they must be your soul mate.

New Rule In: You want to fall for someone who is unique.

Sometimes you meet a person who has so much in common with you and you think it is absolutely love, it has to be.  After all, each of you has seen Guns & Roses perform over 20 times and know every word to all the songs!  Portland dating and relationship experts don’t want you to confuse having mirror-image tastes with being in love.  In fact, some things are better left unmatched.  Not only does this leave room to expand your boundaries, but it also means the two of you will have a hard time keeping a healthy independence.  Some of the best relationships out there are those where couples have different hobbies, so take it as a good sign if you spend a Friday night apart from each other, with you doing yoga classes while your partner watches an NBA game or you having poker night with the guys while she’s visiting her sister.

Old Rule to Discard: Your first kiss should be mind-blowing.

New Rule In: Your first kiss shouldn’t matter.

In fairy-tales, it’s the first kiss that leads to a happily ever after life, so no wonder people put so much emphasis on a first kiss.  There are many reasons why a first kiss can go sour quickly, like because of nervousness and the less than perfect setting it takes place in. Think about it, how can kissing a stranger feel so right?  A kiss can be romantic for sure, but it’s better when you kiss someone you already have a connection with.

If you’re struggling to date and find your ideal partner, it could be because you’re following old dating rules that no longer apply.  To freshen up your romantic life, follow these helpful new dating rules from Portland dating experts at Portland Singles.

If you’re a busy professional looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right, contact the matchmaking professionals at Portland Singles Dating Service and let them introduce you to mature singles who are also serious about finding love.  & (503) 928-5930

Tigard Matchmakers Reveal the Truth about Love

Trusted matchmaking service in Portland, Portland Singles Dating Service, reveals the truth about love and lasting relationships.

Can loving someone too much be a good thing or is it really doing more harm than good?  As exciting as a brand new relationship might be, smothering your new partner might actually do more damage than good.

Contrary to what Hollywood stories want you to believe, there is such a thing as loving someone too much.  If you don’t know when to stop smothering your new partner, you run the chances of destroying your relationship.

Many people in today’s dating world are addicted to loving and smothering their partner too much without even knowing it.  And Tigard matchmakers know that while they’re doing this, they’re putting strain and tension on their partner and their relationship together.  Many people ignore all the warning signs and are completely taken back when their partner decides to leave.

You need to remember that as exciting as your new relationship might be, you need to tread with caution.  Although there is nothing wrong with loving your partner, there is a fine line between being attentive to them and smothering them, explains Tigard matchmakers.  Don’t be blinded by love and keep an eye for those warning signs.  When you cross the line, your partner will put out some tell-tale signs telling you that it’s enough, and that is when you need to take a step back.  Some of those signs include disappearing, cancelling dates, and last resort, calling it quits.

apo2 Tigard Matchmakers Reveal the Truth about Love

Reasons Why Loving Your Partner Too Much Kills the Relationship

Loving your partner is wanting the best for them, even if you are not getting what you want.  Today, Tigard matchmakers from Portland Singles will review why loving someone too much can actually end up pushing them away.

No One Wants to Lose Their Sense of Freedom

When someone clips the wings of the bird, it means that bird is no longer able to fly, and you never want to do this to the partner you love.  When you clip your partner’s wings, you’re forcing them to be glued to you.  By giving your partner too much affection, you’re taking their freedom away and making them feel trapped.  When you make them feel trapped, they’re no longer able to make their own decisions.

By smothering your partner with too much love you are completely disregarding what they want for themselves.  You need to let your partner be free, even once you’re in a committed relationship.  This does not mean turning a blind eye to cheating, it simply means letting your partner make their own decisions, explains Tigard matchmakers.  Don’t place your partner in a cage like you do to a bird, never clip their wings, and always let them have their own freedom.

It Prevents the Relationship from Growing

Smothering your partner with too much love will prevent the relationship and your partner from growing, and this is especially true with young lovers.  You need to give yourself and your partner the chance to be your own individuals.  You have to give each other plenty of time and space, no matter how much you love each other.

Loving your partner means respecting their needs and desires and not forcing yours into their lives, explains Tigard matchmakers.  Unless your partner is ready to accept you into their life and change their habits for you, you cannot force yourself in.  Respect your partner’s individuality and don’t prevent them from growing.  You need to respect their wishes and desires and let the relationship grow at its own pace.

If you smother your partner with too much love, you will undoubtedly come off as a needy partner, and you can bet any dollar that your partner will want to be single in no time.

break up Tigard Matchmakers Reveal the Truth about Love

It Prevents Their Independence

If you love your significant other too much you will prevent them from having a chance to enjoy their independence, explains Tigard matchmakers.  Decisions they make might have to involve you whether they want them to or not, from simple things such as making something to eat or bigger decisions such as career moves will all be taken away because you’re always in their face.

The last thing you want to do is oppress this person’s love for you.  You need to give them the independence they need as a person to do as they want.  In other words, you need to let them make their own choices.  If you don’t, it’s only a matter of time until your partner realizes they’re feeling imprisoned and they’ll do whatever it takes to get away.

There is nothing wrong with sharing your time with your partner and being a part of their changing process; however, there is a difference between loving them and giving them a chance to invite you in or forcing yourself into their life, explains Tigard matchmakers, and you never want to force your way in.

It Shows Desperation on Your Part

When you smother your new partner you will undoubtedly come off as needy and desperate, even if you try not to.  You need to remember that no one wants to be involved with a partner who cannot stand on their own two feet.  You need to take it upon yourself to be independent and prove it to your partner, and yourself, that you can cope with your own responsibilities as an adult.

Love requires trust, and if you cannot give it to your partner without constantly questioning them, then you are being insecure in the relationship.  Not just that, but your new partner will think that you cannot handle being alone and that you’re scared of losing them.  No partner in the world wants to be with a partner who comes off as crazy and needy, so be careful how much love you give to your partner because you don’t want to come off as being desperate, one of the most unattractive qualities anyone can possess.

As much as you want to give your partner your undivided love and be around them whenever you can, remember that loving someone too much and smothering them will only cripple them, and along the way, you’re damaging yourself too.

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Wes Matchmakers with Dating Tips for 2014

Portland matchmaking service, Portland Singles, review helpful tips on how to make your first date go smoothly.

First dates can be nerve-wracking for everyone, and they can even make the most experienced dater nervous.  Daters are known for becoming, shy, silent, and even making mistakes they can not take back, eliminating theie chances of landing a second date.  Today, the professional matchmakers from Portland Singles Dating Service will review some helpful pointers to help local daters put their best foot forward and make the best impression they can.

couple on sexy date night Wes Matchmakers with Dating Tips for 2014

Portland Matchmakers 1st Date Do’s:

1. Always Show Up on Time: The last thing you want to do on your fisrst date is make a bad impression by arriving late.  Tardiness shows your date you don’t care.  Even worse, the person you’re going out with might not stick around to wait for you.

2. Do Make Them Feel Comfortable: Everyone is on edge during a firszt date, especially when meeting someone new.  You should try to put yoru date at ease by making them feel relaxed.

3. Do Show Interest in Them: The worst thing you can do is show up to a first date with someone new and sit there all night without paying attention or worse, making them feel they’re eating dinner alone.  Don’t make yourself easy to forget.

4. Do Laugh When They Tell You a Joke: Even if you’ve heard the joke many times before or it isn’t the best joke ever, laughing along with them is a great way to show your interest.

5. Do Keep the Conversation Flowing: That dreaded silence that happens on first dates can leave you and your date scrambling for anything to talk about.  Awkward silences can make people feel like they’re boring, but remember a few helpful conversation topics to get you out of this type of situation.  Practice them before the date begins and you’ll be much better atq keeping the conversation alive.

6. Do Take Interest in Them: Listen when they’re teling you a story, be interested in what they’re telling you, and show interest in them by asking them questions.

7. Do Go Somewhere Fun: First dates don’t have to be the played out dinner and a movie.  You will make a much better impression on them if you get creative, explains Portland matchmakers.

8. Do Show Your Confidence: Confidence says a lot about who you are.  Being confident will help you get through your first date with ease and help your date feel comfoertable around you.

9. Do Always Be Yourself: You won’t fool anyone by pretending to act like someone you’re not.  If you want to develop a serious relationship with this person, the real you will eventually come out, so you might as well start it off with the real you—flaws and all.

10. Do Be Safe: Take your cell phone with you if you’re meeting someone new, let a close friend know who you’re going to meet, where you’ll be, and hwen you’re expected back.

Portland Matchmakers 1st Date Don’ts:

1. Don’t Ever Show Up Late: First impressions mean everything on a first date, and if you show up late, it will make your date think you don’t care, that you’re lazy, and that you’re not interested in them.

2. Don’t Revolve the Conversation Around Yourself: There is nothing more of a turn off than a person who constantly talks about thesmevlves.  The last thing you want to be is vain.

3. Don’t Talk about Exes or Past Relationships: Your new date does not want to hear about your exes or why the relationship did not work out.  Concentrate on getting to know this new person and see if you can score yourself a second date.

4. Don’t Eat with Your Mouth Open: Eating with your mouth open is gross.  Your date is there to see you and get to know you.  You want to put your best foot forward and show them you’re an adult with good manners.

5. Don’t Ask Them Too Many Personal Questions: Remember that you’re out ona  first date and youd ont’ want to aks them too many personal questions yet.  If you like each other and agree to go on a second date, there will plenty of opportunities to ask them more personal questions down the road.

6. Don’t Try to Be Someone You’re Not: So maybe he likes football but you’re nto into it, or maybe she likes cats and you’re a dog person.  Pretending to be someone you’re not is a huge turn off and it will eventually be discovered.  Find a partner who wants you for the real you, not the pretend version of you.

couple date 2 Wes Matchmakers with Dating Tips for 2014

7. Don’t Forget to Thank Them for the Date: This is not only a great way to display your manners, but it’s also a great way to end it if you’re not interested in them or ask them for a second date if you are, explains Portland matchmakers.

8. Don’t Get Too Ahead of Yourself: During your first date, you don’t want to get too ahead of yourself.  Stay clear of talking about a serious relationship, the name of your future children, or marriage.

9. Don’t Try to Get Intimate: If you try to get sex on a first date, it will show your date what you’re really after.  If you’re a man, it shows that you’re a jerk, and if you’re a woman, it shows that you’re easy.  Both of these things are unattractive.  Get to know someone fisrzt before you ever bring sex into the picture.

10. Don’t Get Intoxicated: As much as you think a few drinks can help you ease your nerves, think about how bad you’re going to feel when you say or do something that you would not normally do.  This will show your new love interest that you cannot control yourself and you do not know your limits.  Getting drunk will lower your inhibitions, which is likely to make you do something you will regret.  Portland matchmakers encourage you to keep it to a one or two drink minimum.

Cedar Mill Matchmakers – Top Signs He Loves You

Matchmaking service in Portland, Portland Singles, reveals the top signs he’s falling for you.

He said he does but you don’t know, you’re just not quite sure where you stand.  Today, Cedar Mill matchmakers from Portland Singles Dating Service reveal undeniable signs he loves you.

It can be very difficult to know if a man loves you or not, but being in the matchmaking and dating industry, the dating professionals from Portland Singles know a few things that will certainly help you figure out whether he loves you or not.  At the same time, there are a few things that can make things difficult to pinpoint like the following:

  • Your definition of love is completely different than his.
  • Your expectations of love are completely different.
  • Your insecurities seem to be getting in the way and are clouding your judgment.
  • His words, behaviors, and actions can be contradicting and causing you troubles in figuring things out between the two of you.

couple on sexy date night Cedar Mill Matchmakers – Top Signs He Loves You

He Loves Me but the Situations Are Very Confusing

Like many women, you will meet, date, and be in relationships with many different types of men, and during your dating experiences, you will come across one of the following situations:

  • Men you know for a short period of time will tell you they’re in love with you without truly knowing who you are.  If this happens, don’t believe them.  They most likely have other motives like trying to get you to the bedroom and are simply using the big L word in hopes of getting you there.


  • Men that say they love you but don’t treat you as they do.  And they don’t treat you as though they love you because they don’t know how to really love someone.  Some of these men love themselves more than they can love you or anyone else for that matter.  You will always know when you’re with this type of man because you’ll always have doubts about their love for you.


  • Men who say those three magic words and don’t treat you well… Yep, you guessed it, these men don’t love you.  You should leave this type of man and find someone better.


  • Men who tell you those three magic words and treat you with love.  This man might actually love you, he could wear his heart on his sleeve and is comfortable letting you know his feelings. There is no doubt he is a good man for you; he is a keeper.

So how can you know if a man truly loves you or not?  Today, Cedar Mill matchmakers will review the top signs he is falling in love with you.

1. He Treats You Very Well

A man who loves you will be considerate of your feelings, needs, and desires.  He will make your needs as important as his, he is concerned with your well-being, and will always do things to make your life better, even go out of his way to get it done.  Not only does he treat you well, but he always treats your friends and family with respect and kindness as well.

2. He Knows How to Spend His Time

He doesn’t let a full day go by without seeing you.  When he is available he wants you to spend time with him.  If the two of you are involved in a long distance relationship, he will spend time with you whenever his schedule allows him.  Are you together during major holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s?

3. You Are His #1 Priority

You are always on the front of his mind and he keeps contact in between seeing you.  He considers you when making a big decision and is considerate about the things you want to do.  When he talks, he always uses the word we instead of I, and he makes it a point to always include you in future plans.

4. He Cares for You

A man who is truly in love with you will be happy when good things come your way, and he’ll always be by your side when you’re facing tough challenges.  This man will be there for you during the good and the bad.  And besides always being by your side through thick and thin, he will always surprise you with little tokens of affection outside of your birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day.  He will also challenge you when he notices you’re doing something that is preventing you from becoming a better person.

5. He Wants Everyone to Know about You

He is affectionate with you in public by holding hands, hugging you, or putting his arm around you.  He is proud to be seen with you and has no problems introducing you to friends and family members.  In fact, he loves bringing you to family get togethers and takes you to company parties.

pic 5 Cedar Mill Matchmakers – Top Signs He Loves You

6. He Always Wants the Best for You

A man who is in love with you will always encourage you to do the things you love, explains Cedar Mill matchmakers, even if those things are without him.  He wants you to spend time doing your hobbies and hanging out with your friends and encourages you to find something you’re passionate about because knowing that you’re happy will make him happy too.

Don’t believe it when a man just tells you ‘I love you’ if his behaviors and actions aren’t matching up.  You will know if you’re in the type of situation because you will feel uncertain and question his love for you.  Remember to pay attention to that little voice inside of you because it might be telling you something right.  Cedar Mill matchmakers encourage you to place less weight on his words and more on his actions because when it comes to showing love, those actions will reveal whether he’s truly in love with you or not.  It’s easy for a man to tell you he loves you because he knows that’s what you want to hear; the true test is whether or not his actions match what he’s telling you.  When a man is truly in love with you, you don’t even have to hear the words because you just know it deep inside.

If you’re tired of playing guessing games with the men you date, contact Cedar Mill matchmakers from Portland Singles Dating Service and let them introduce you to quality men who are serious about falling in love and settling down.

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Bull Mountain Matchmakers – 6 Biggest Myths about Elder Singles

Dating & Matchmaking service in Portland, Portland Singles, reveals the 6 biggest myths about singles over 50.

Let’s say you’re checking someone out who might be your next date, maybe a friend of yours has sent you a link to their personal Facebook page and you have agreed to go on a date with them, or perhaps you were matched through a professional Portland matchmaking service.  You’re digging their pictures, you have a smile on your face, they’re even a non-smoker like you requested, but all the sudden you notice your potential partner in their 50’s has never been married. Suddenly, all that excitement you had has completely sunken to the bottom of the pool and now you’re suspicious.

Let’s face it, everyone has certain stereotypes about people who are older and have never been married.  If your potential love interest has never been married, it’s clear they have some anger problems or maybe they are cat hoarders, right?  Wrong! If you let those kind of assumptions guide your dating route, then you might be missing out on a perfect partner. Your first step on the road to a perfect relationship should be debunking this myth you have about unmarried people, regardless if they’re a man or woman.  Today, Bull Mountain matchmakers from Portland Singles Dating Service are here to help you do that.

mature Bull Mountain Matchmakers – 6 Biggest Myths about Elder Singles

Top Myths about Men Who Have Never Been Married

1. He Is a Jerk

Well, yes, maybe this could be true, but there are plenty of men out there who have never been married before and have the ideal characteristics you desire in a perfect partner.  At Portland Singles Dating Service, the matchmakers see a lot of men like this, men who have never been married before, but are truly great catches.  Don’t go into the dating world with this type of assumption that all men who have never been married before are jerks—you could be missing out on a lot of amazing guys.

2. He Has to Be a Player

Just because a man has never been married before doesn’t mean he spends every night looking for another notch on his belt.  This stereotype was made up by women in order to gain control over their dating experience.  Their emotional safety is at risk, and this type of stereotype becomes a tool for women to determine whether or not a man is okay to date.  And for many women, if they have ever known a man in his 50’s who was never married and is a player, this gives their assumption much further evidence.  Bull Mountain matchmakers encourage you never to fall into this type of thinking.

3. He Has to Have Commitment Issues

In this case, it’s the exact opposite.  Perhaps he was trying to get settled down in his early years, but his ex-girlfriend decided she was not up for it when he got down on his knee and proposed.  Everyone has had a bad partner at some point in their lives and there is no reason to punish the guy simply because his last relationship didn’t work out.

4. He Doesn’t Want Children

Kids might have been on this man’s radar ten years ago, but people’s priorities change the older they get.  So now that he is older and financially secure after working for many years of his life, maybe he no longer wants to raise a family.  Instead of making this type of assumption, your best bet is to come out and ask him.

5. He Isn’t Husband Material

Maybe he’s not, or maybe he is, but the whole point of dating is to try out one another and see how you fit into each other’s lives, explains Bull Mountain matchmakers.  Finding out if someone is interested in getting married is actually one of the few things you should talk about with them.  This will give you a clear indication if you’re both headed for the same path.  If this person doesn’t want to get married, then you might be setting yourself up for disappointment in the end, but don’t make that assumption without asking first.

Top Myths about Women Who Have Never Been Married

1. She Must Be Very Difficult to Handle

This word can refer to anything from a woman who is hard to please, to a woman who simply has her own ideas and isn’t willing to compromise for anything.

If any man would like to get over this type of stereotype, he must be willing to go into it with an open-mind. “That difficultly that you might have found in her might actually be something that is perfect for you.”

2. She Has to Be Desperate

Just because she has never been married in the past doesn’t mean she will accept a ring from just anyone at this age, explains Bull Mountain matchmakers.  Maybe she’s been working her way up the career ladder, taking care of an elderly relative until now, or maybe she never felt a sense of urgency to have children.  Don’t go into this situation thinking she will fall for you right away.  This woman might end up dumping you before the waitress even brings you your dessert.

3. She Has to Be Extremely Picky

We all have the right to select the perfect partner that is ideal for us, and it’s possible that partner has not crossed her path yet, explains Bull Mountain matchmakers.  Resisting the temptation to just marry anyone for the sake of getting married should be applauded and not put down.

mature1 Bull Mountain Matchmakers – 6 Biggest Myths about Elder Singles

4. She Doesn’t Know How to Handle a Relationship

Just because she’s never been married doesn’t mean she has never been in a committed relationship.  There is no reason to assume that because a woman hasn’t had a ring on her finger she won’t be able to handle a long term partner.  People like to pay attention to what confirms their stereotypical beliefs and ignore anything that contradicts it, explains Bull Mountain matchmakers, but instead of looking at the fact that she has never been married, look for other signs that she might be the type of woman who would like to be in a serious relationship.

6. She’s Already Married to Her Career

Nowadays, you can’t blame anyone for working extra hours at work; after all, it might be the only way to ensure a job the following month, but the truth is, women can and have juggled their careers and relationships.  And, hey, if you can manage to handle both, she can too!

If you’re struggling to meet mature singles in Portland, contact Portland Singles Dating Service and let them introduce you to quality singles who are looking for the same thing out of dating as you are.  What are you waiting for, don’t waste another day!


Beaverton Dating Service Unveils Real Life Dating Tips for Modern Day Women

Beaverton matchmakers from Portland Singles Dating Service reveal expert dating advice for today’s modern woman.

Modern day rules have changed in recent years; anyone can ask anyone out, it doesn’t matter who pays, or even if the date is a formal date.  But with these changes comes confusion.  Women who initiate contact are left wondering why they’re having a hard time attracting those masculine men.  Following dating rules found online can leave modern day women feeling discouraged and confused with their romantic life.  If you’re sick and tired of constantly getting dismissed in the dating world, follow this dating advice from Beaverton dating experts at Portland Singles Dating Service and you’ll be on your way to being a better dater and making a meaningful connection in no time.

f Beaverton Dating Service Unveils Real Life Dating Tips for Modern Day Women

Take Some Time Off of Dating

If you are no longer having fun with the dating scene, don’t force yourself to date.  Stop dating altogether if you’re feeling burnt out.  Having the wrong mindset or carrying baggage will prevent you from having a good time, and when you are not having fun, your energy will show and you’ll attract negative partners, which will reinforce the reasons why you don’t like dating to begin with.  Get into the right frame of mind, open your heart, and take it easy.  Working on releasing negative energy will make dating much easier.

Control Your Dating Future

Getting negative results in dating happens when you let dating control you; instead of letting dating control you, do whatever possible to control it.  This means developing a dating strategy and following it.  When you follow a dating regimen, you won’t be as tempted to hang out or hook up with negative people, and you won’t get sidetracked by being with the wrong partner.  You’ll be able to have a clear vision of what you want in a relationship and who you’re supposed to be with, explains Beaverton dating experts.

Enjoy Your Single Status

If you are one of those women who hates being single, you might come off as eager and desperate, which will scare off any potential candidate right away.  You can also cloud your vision from seeing dangerous red flags.  If you are having a hard time being single or you’re feeling sad because you have not yet found the one, it’s okay.  Take some time to enjoy your current single status by exploring yourself, taking up hobbies and interests, and spending time with loved ones.  Once you’re happy with your life and yourself, you’ll attract quality singles easily.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Anyone

Stop comparing yourself to everyone.  You are your own person with your own life, and your path is based on experiences, what you need to learn from them, and what you need to grow, explains Beaverton dating experts.  The path a friend has taken will be completely different from yours.  Both paths could lead to love but they are still different.  The path you follow should only be made for you, so you need to stop with the temptation to constantly compare yourself to others.

Don’t Always Be Yourself

If being yourself hasn’t gotten you the dates you want, then act like the person you wish to attract.  For example, if you want to attract a partner who is trusting, then you must work on your trust issues yourself; if you are having a hard time being vulnerable and want a man who is able to communicate with you, you’ll want to become more vulnerable.  Remember, in the dating world, you attract who you are, not what you want, explains Beaverton dating experts.  Figure out the top qualities you want in an ideal partner and work on those qualities in yourself.

couple date 2 Beaverton Dating Service Unveils Real Life Dating Tips for Modern Day Women

Set the Pace & Have Standards

If you’re sick and tired of men who only want you because of sex, then bring back the days when they wooed you.  When you take time to date someone, you will learn whether or not they’re looking for a fling or a serious relationship.  Setting the right pace and having standards will bring the partner who is right for you.  Having this approach will increase your chances of turning dates into meaningful relationships.

Be Selective about Who You Date

You are a top prize.  Instead of going out with any Joe Schmoe who asks you out on a date, you need to be selective.  Only date those who are deserving of being with you.  A man only deserves to date you if he has made you a priority, calls you when he says he will, treats you well, and respects you.  A man doesn’t deserve you if they only need you when it’s convenient for them, has you paying for dates, and doesn’t stick to his word.  Being selective reinforces positive feelings and will give you an overall better dating experience, explains Beaverton dating experts.

Let Go of Who Doesn’t Make the Cut

If you’re looking for a serious relationship and the person says they’re only looking for something casual, believe them.  If you keep seeing him with hopes he will change, you’re only wasting your precious time, which you will regret down the road.  Walk away now so you can be with someone who is available and also looking for a serious relationship.

Pay Attention to Them

Don’t fall victim to a man who tells you what you want to hear and acts differently.  If you tend to take men’s words at face value and are always let down, stop believing what they say.  Pay attention to his behavior and let his actions speak.  If a person is 80% talk and 20% action, then you must let them go.  On the opposite side, if the person is 20% talk and 80% action, then you know you want to be with them.  As long as you follow that rule, then you will weed out bad candidates and be with the ones that count.

Take Control of Your Dating Life Today

You have the power to make your dating experience an enjoyable one.  As long as you follow the wisdom brought to you by Beaverton dating experts from Portland Singles Dating Service, these helpful tips will make you feel empowered and make dating fun again.  You will be asked out by a lot of people, enjoy the dating process, and soon be on your way to finding someone special to settle down with.

If you’re tired of the frustrations and disappointments of dating on your own, contact Portland Singles Dating Service and let their matchmakers introduce you to quality singles, singles who are ready for love.