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Portland Singles Dating Service Reveals Signs You’re Falling For Him

His name comes up on the caller identification and you become all smiles, when you know he’s on his way to come get you, you’re double checking everything about yourself to make sure you look perfect, when you hear him ring your doorbell, you immediately get butterflies in your stomach… Is it Love?  Or, are you just smitten?

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A lot of people say that when you’re in love, you’ll know it, states Portland Singles Dating Service, but we have some sure ways to let you know you’ve really fallen for them.

You Don’t Mind Spending Silent Time Together

When people dislike someone, they try to avoid spending silent time with them because it’s awkward, but if he makes you feel comfortable, even without having to say a word, and you don’t mind quiet time with him, it’s a great sign you’ve fallen for him, states Portland Singles Dating Service.

You Let Him Win When You Play Games Together

Portland Singles Dating Service explains that a helpful sign you’re falling for someone is if you allow them to win when you play games against them.  Most people subconsciously let the person they care for win just so they can see them happy.  So, if you find yourself doing this with him, you’re likely falling for him.

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